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UNID Spanish Es - Open to Florida and Possibly Cuba from Michigan

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  • UNID Spanish Es - Open to Florida and Possibly Cuba from Michigan

    A couple of catches in SS recorded. The 93.3 seems a little more promising, the 102.5 looks pretty hopeless.

    Band open this morning from SE Michigan to Florida and possibly Cuba as reported by others near me.

    Any help would be appreciated.


    N8UUP Bill
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    Hmmm - I guess these are both duds. Ah well - Thanks for all the looks. Better Luck next time de N8UUP Bill EN82


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      The 93.3 is some sort of ad (no details, sounds local) advertising "stuff of all kinds".

      The 102.5...I have no clue.
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        I cannot listen where I am right now, but Radio Taino's flagship in La Habana is indeed on 93.3 and *does* carry...umm...."ads" for some local shops, although their gobierno is in charge of all the media. More like an underwriting, I guess you'd say.

        Per Raymie's post, "stuff of all kinds" might fit in with some shop there in Havana!

        BTW WPIK 102.5 Summerland Key is SS, ---maybe you'll hear something online which has the same feel.



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          Now I can listen.

          The 93.3 has a kind of Cuba feel to it---could well have been R Taino.

          The 102.5 sure doesn't sound like WPIK which is music intensive. I did catch a "La Voz de (del?) Litoral" (the voice of the coast) outta Mayabeque on car radio approaching the FL Keys last year. Sounds to my ears like a Cuban FM---but there was nothing on the audio for me to pin it down.



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            Thanks to all for the responses. Close but no Cuban Cigar - Will continue to look for that elusive Cuban FM catch next season. Good DX all de N8UUP Bill


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              I don't think 93.3 was a Cuban one. For the background music, I think is more "regional mexicano" than other thing. 102.5 talks about Teachers' Day, but with all that fades and cuts, I couldn't get anymore.