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    Unidentified signals heard this summer

    91.5 sounds like Creole. Maybe Haiti or the new station Turks & Caicos?

    92.7 (0902) partial top of the hour ID includes what sounds like "93.9" or 103.9" (city name clobbered) and "107.5 New...." I'm having no luck matching three frequencies to any one station. 92.7 KUSO has a translator in Norfolk, NE on 107.5 but I cannot find any others.
    All identified signals around this time were coming from Texas.

    93.9 (1002) with what sounds like a phone number to call into the station or rock program. I cannot make it out.

    A 93.9 (1214) in SS with what sounds like an ID or a program.

    93.9 (1856) sounds like a church service on a station that I cannot make out call letters for. Must be an affiliation or maybe a translator. There did not seem to be any Es at the time
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    Randy KW4RZ Goldfield, Nevada DM17

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    93.9 (1002): I think they announcer is saying the phone number is 826-rock 826-7625. I found that "the tiger" 93.9 WTGZ Union Springs, AL uses this. I think the announcer also says "the tiger" at :30 in your clip.


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      I can't understand half of the SS 93.9. Could someone else help on it?
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        "Broadcast (or broadcasting) WATP" 5-7 sec in on the last clip

        The 92.7 clip has what sounds like call letter about 3 sec in and says "103.9 93.9 107.9 or 97.9 W??? Then I felt like I heard "the x" around that time too. Then I think It said "107.5 your...?"


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          thank you all for the input,
          Randy KW4RZ Goldfield, Nevada DM17


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            No problem.
            I was pretty close to your area in april, i was in Panama City Beach, I did some DXing from my room 22 floors up an dif i recall right i got some stations from Dothan, and Pensacola. The one sation that stood out to me was a top 40 station near ot at the top of the dial, they came in good up into near Enterprise.