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CHIR 96.1????

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  • CHIR 96.1????

    I was tuning around at 9:30 PM PST and landed on 96.1. Normally I hear KXXO-Olympia WA, but there was some Ethnic station (Chinese music) popping in and out, the RDS said CHIR. I checked and CHIR is not on 96.1. There is a Vancouver BC Chinese station on 96.1, but they would not ID as a Ontario station on a different frequency??? Any ideas? The signal only was there about a minute and gone. My yagi was pointed North towards Vancouver BC. Thanks for any help.

    Sony XFR-F1 tuner and FM6
    Seaside OR.

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    The CHIR might not be a callsign. CHInese Radio or FairCHIld Radio??? The actual calls are CHKG-FM.
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      Thanks. Then a slogan rather than the calls. That makes sense. I'll bet that is what I had. Much appreciated.