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meteor scatter jibberish

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  • meteor scatter jibberish

    can anyone make out what sounds like a location?
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    Randy KW4RZ Goldfield, Nevada DM17

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    I hear "Eastwood" and "-O-H to join our VIP Email Club", but can't put anything together.
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      Well, WDUC-93.9 "The Duck", Lynchburg, TN has a "VIP Club" that you sign up for by e-mail. Could it be them?
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        I ran it through an audio processor (would have used Audacity if I were at my computer, but I'm on my tablet), sounds like two different female voices, with a rather abrupt break between them. I think you have some mixing going on.

        Edit: On second thought, I think I'm wrong. But it sounds like you might have a slogan in there, right after the VIP email club bit. Maybe someone with better ears could pick it up.
        Daniel KC9HZN
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          If this is WDUC I'll be quacked. One of the few 93.9s over 1kw not logged. I'm still trying to figure out what is said after "VIP Email Club" and before "summer means music"
          Randy KW4RZ Goldfield, Nevada DM17