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some Honduras, Nicaragua

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  • some Honduras, Nicaragua

    This may be tough even for one fluent in Spanish but since it's out of the Es season got to keep busy with something
    Believe this is mostly from Honduras and Nicaragua. There may be at least 4 stations in the 92.7 clips. The R&B is from WKZJ Eufala, AL
    Can't get a grip on what is said in the 89.3 clip something "FM"
    the 91.5 is probably Guatemala
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    Randy KW4RZ Goldfield, Nevada DM17

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    The 91.5 mentions eternal life, but that's all I can get.
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      No 93.9's, Randy?! ��



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        The first 92.7 clip mentions something like "donating quetzales to non-profit organizations", so it's from Guatemala. Other part of the second 92.7 clip mentions "from Comayagua (Honduras)". CONATEL says there is a 92.7 in Comayagua: ULTRA MI FM. The third clip most probably is from the 92.7 Honduras, but it doesn't say something relevant.

        About the other clips, I cannot get something ID'able.


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          Thanks all for "tuning in" on this fiasco
          I now hear the "quetzales" mention, sounds like a religion station. Maybe Eden Stereo Guatemala. At one point there was preaching mixing with a female / male duet Christian song that matched the live audio stream for Advent Stereo Nicaragua. "La Mega 92.7" was IDed for Honduras. 89.7 was mostly Emisoras Unidas Guatemala City, RDS even lit up a couple times but not strong enough to decode. 89.3 had the most signals but only positively IDed "Cool FM" El Salvador and Exa FM San Pedro Sula, Honduras. 93.9 had 3 or 4 signals at times. The most steady signal was religion could be either Roatan or Radio Crisma Honduras. I've yet to hear an actual station ID for HRGS Roatan since first logged them 9 yrs ago. They used to have a website with live audio stream and a program schedule but no more. Only Facebook now. Radio Crisma is still not in the log and there is at least one other Honduras out of over 6 on the Conatel list squeezed in on 93.9. "La Tigre 93.9" Managua, Nicaragua made a significant appearance and IDed a couple times, and there was brief hit music into announcer mention of San Pedro Sula, recognize his voice for Exa FM La Ceiba, Honduras. Guatemalans may have briefly appeared on 93.9 based on formats but were weak and fleeting. No IDs. Es seemed to favor more towards Honduras / Nicaragua most of the time.
          At 1:30 in the first 92.7 clip is a partial ID, believe it is the station with the ranchera type music just before, was hoping there was something there my ears missed. This all went on in/out for almost 2 hours but very few IDs. The Conatel Honduras list keeps growing and growing. Tougher to hear actual IDs than in the openings to the northeast USA ;-)
          Randy KW4RZ Goldfield, Nevada DM17