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Spanish Unid's from 14June2016 Oviedo, FL

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  • Spanish Unid's from 14June2016 Oviedo, FL

    As most everyone knows, there was a great E's opening on 14June. For me it started about 1400utc in the Northeast in VHF low band. By 1430utc Es started working into FM from Texas and quickly moved into Mexico. Over the next roughly seven hours I chased the cloud from my northwest around to my southeast, ending in the Caribbean in Haiti/DR area. I will post a log and RDS captures in the next few days.
    I finally have had some time to start to go over the recordings I made and have a batch of some of the Unid's that I really could use help with if anyone has the time. A few of these clips might be ads and of no help but I think most contain what I think is an ID. Thanks in advance and the help from this list is always appreciated.

    Craig Cook
    Oviedo, FL
    Sagean HDT-1
    APS-9 @ 25'agl
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    Hi Craig,

    The 91.3 (1744) has "El Manicomio de la mañana" at 00:02 and "Futura 91.3" at 00:27. This is Managua, Nicaragua.

    The 91.3 (1802) has "Camara de Radiodifusión de Guatemala" at 00:33 with a PSA about community radio.

    The 91.3 (1824) has "91.3 La Más Prendida" at 00:29, which is XHEOB in Pichucalco, Chiapas.

    The 91.7 (1738) has "XEVA" at 00:03, which is Villahermosa, Tabasco.

    The 91.7 (1757) has "Radio La Primerísima - La voz de los sin voz" at 00:07. That is Managua, Nicaragua.

    The 96.1 (1537) has an ad for the "Hotel Posada de Tampico". Likely XHON in Tampico, Tamaulipas. The (1540) clip has "Grupo Flores Radio" at 00:13. That company owns XHON.

    The 97.7 clip has "97.7 Tampico, Tamaulipas" at 00:03, so it's XHRW in Tampico, Tamaulipas.

    103.3 has "103.3 Noticias" at 00:01, so it could be XHVILL in Villahermosa, Tabasco.

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      The VO on the XHVILL clip does sound like the guy who used to do the IDs for all of ACIR's news stations.

      The 102.9 mentions a Revista Variedades and the 94.3 briefly mentions Comadre. I can't find anything about a magazine with that name or a Comadre on that frequency.

      EDIT: Turns out "pilas comadre" is an expression of some sort. The second half is some sort of ad for construction materials mentioning that good building is needed is earthquake-prone areas.
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        91.3 UNKN 1635z 14june2016.wav is XHEOB, it mentions "Radio Núcleo".

        94.3 UNKN 1530z 14jun2016.wav... Sorry, I can't identify that station. It says something like "Impacto Grupero" or "Impacto Obrero".

        102.9 UNKN 1655z 14jun2016.wav mentions "Revista Variedades" and the hour "10:54 AM". According to this document, the station is "Radio La Voz de Zelaya Central" in El Rama, Nicaragua, that matches with the frequency (see more) and the timezone (UTC -6).


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          Craig....I will always yield to the above posters on unID SS ....but I wanted to mention something.

          Maybe you have, but in case you didn't, next time you have a Central America Es path, by all means, don't ignore 87.5, 87.7 and 87.9. Indeed there are low power stations there, especially those in Guatemala---Sion FM a.k.a. Asi Fue Mi Vida Radio is the one I hear most....and I think they run only 100 watts. Since we don't use those frequencies except for channel 6, the sky's the limit! Apologies in advance, if you did try those frequencies. Note: it *will* take great patience in trying to log any on those freqs.



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            102.9 1655z details would be - YNFSVZ El Rama NI 1kw "Radio La Voz de Zelaya Central"
            Jim Thomas
            Springfield, MO EM37

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              Thanks Jon, Raymie, Gargadon and Jim, big help. Thanks for the info links Gargodon.
              Hi Chris, thanks, I always check those frequencies, only one I usually see any activity on is 87.7 as I did in this opening. Will keep my ears open next opening. Have a good one.

              Craig Cook
              Oviedo, FL