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SS UNIDs from 6-14 received in S.A., TX

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  • SS UNIDs from 6-14 received in S.A., TX

    During that great June 14 e-skip opening, I received some Spanish-language stations on 88.1 and 94.9 that I'm unable to identify. I'm not sure if there's anything usable in these brief recordings (the stations were not in for long), but I'm hoping the Spanish speakers here can help.

    The first 88.1 clip gets pretty murky in the middle but is more intelligible toward the end. The other two are intelligible all the way through.

    In this timeframe, 10:00 - 10:30 CDT, I received Star 92.7 in the Cayman Islands and WAYF in West Palm Beach, FL, so I'm guessing that these stations could be from the vicinity of the Yucatan peninsula.

    Receptions were made on a Sparc SHD-T750 with a T antenna oriented E/W. Recordings were made on a Zoom H1.

    Thanks for the help.

    88.1 SS 6-14-16 UNID 1.mp3

    88.1 SS 6-14-16 UNID 2.mp3

    94.9 SS 6-14-16 UNID.mp3

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    The 88.1 is delivering news about the Venezuelan recall referendum, the NBA Finals, Euro 2016, and then it gets hard to understand.

    I think you'll need Gargadon.

    With regard to 88.1s and 94.9s in your PTA, there's just one 88.1 in southeast Mexico: XHYAM Jose María Morelos Q. Roo, one of the Sebastián Uc Yam stations. The news on 88.1 sounds too polished for that. There's also just one 94.9, XHTVH Villahermosa, the head of the Tabasco state FM network.
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