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    89.3_XE_14Jun2016-1149.wav is XHZX Tenosique, Tabasco.

    90.3_Managua_14Jun2016-1242.wav sounds like "Power FM". In Honduras there is a HRSX Power FM listed in 90.1, but its stream (dead as now) says they have 10 frequencies in FM, not listed.

    90.7_Guatemala_14Jun2016-1206.wav and 90.7_SS_14Jun2016-1202.wav are TGRQ Estéreo Quiché in Santa Cruz del Quiché, Guatemala. It's confusing because it's a religious station, and the first clip says "La mirada de los pueblos" from the "Consejo del Pueblo Maya CPO", but that show is listed in Estéreo Quiché.

    91.9_Punta exa_14Jun2016-1122.wav is probably XHLRM Ciudad Mante, Tamaulipas. The only Exa FM listed in 91.9.

    92.5_14Jun2016-1107.wav is Imagen Radio XHQRV Veracruz, Veracruz.

    93.3_radio cadena _14Jun2016-1257.wav is Radio Cadena Voces in Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

    93.9_14Jun2016-1102.wav is Imagen Radio XHYP from Ciudad Mante, Tamaulipas. An "Organización Radiofónica Tamaulipeca" station, but not listed in its webpage.

    The other clip I can't get anything from it.


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      Thank you Gargadon. Tom K4MM


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        With the note that it's XHRLM, not XHLRM, I concur on the above...

        I almost hear "nicaragüense" at 0:06 of the 94.1... It sounds like a promo for some event for Father's Day. "por medio del 26 00, anteponiendo la palabra Huracán..."

        So I went searching for 94.1 FMs in Nicaragua, particularly anything branded as Huracán. There's a Radio URACCAN Siuna (note the spelling - it is an an acronym for a university - Universidad de las Regiones Autónomas de la Costa Caribe Nicaragüense - it's pronounced like the actual word).

        Their current cover photo on Facebook talks about special programming on the 23rd for Father's Day... And look at the description of the text!

        "Reportate a través de cartas y mensajes de texto al 2600 anteponiendo la palabra Uraccan."

        I think you have a winner. I would put the station at 13°42'58.8"N 84°46'33.2"W on the university campus in Siuna.

        URACCAN FWIW looks like it is a regional university with a boatload of campuses. It operates three radio stations at Bluefields, Siuna and Rosita.
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          90.3 at :11 seconds in clip sweeper says "Power FM" - is HRLW La Ceiba HN 250 watts

          90.7 is TGRQ Nebaj (Santa Cruz del Quiché) GT 5 kw "RadioQuiché Estéreo Quiché"

          93.3 is HRCI Tegucigalpa HN 10kw "Radio Cadena Voces"
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            Thank you all for the translations. I did get several new logging's out of it. It was a crazy day and I hope we get more crazy days like that. 73 Tom Colyard K4MM


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              I am going to go over the recordings and see if I can pull out what you all have now that I know what to look for. Some good ones in there. Especially the "Radio Uraccan Siuna" translation. Hard to teach an old dog (76) new tricks, but I try. Thanks again for all the help, now and in the past. Tom Colyard K4MM Port St Lucie, Fl