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6/14/16 Es Carribbean/Mexico/Central America - SS UNIDs - 10

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    96.7 1056edt Tick-tock and beeps. Definitively is Radio Reloj Cuba (Can't locate it in DB).
    96.3 1120edt Probably a Cuban station. Nothing IDable.
    96.7 1124edt Religious station. At the bottom an ad of "Villanueva Boutique". Nothing IDable.
    96.5 1126edt "Cuauhtémoc entre Hernán Cortés y Francisco Canal". XHRN-96.5 Veracruz. The hint:
    96.5 1131edt "Catracha a solo 15 lempiras el décimo". Definitively from Honduras, but there is no ID.
    96.1 1132 and 1134edt are from the same station. Nothing IDable, the only hint is a phone number: 99270615
    96.3 1200edt "Album de melodías", a Radio Enciclopedia Cuba show. DB and EcuRed say it's CMMF-96.3 Cueva Arriba, Guantánamo.
    96.3 1232edt "Tú quieres llamar, hablar, chatear, navegar, twittear, navegar..." "Hidrata tu cuerpo y tu mente para que no te pierdas un segundo de diversión. Búscala en tus supermercados y colmados favoritos por solo 30 pesos." Jingle with "Escuchar La Zona Radio". Sorry, I can't identify it.
    96.7 1256edt It's too noisy. I can't heard anything.
    96.5 1303edt "Ritmo 96". HIMS Santo Domingo. Also there is some french talking, probably from Haiti.


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      96.1 1132 and 1134 - Some sort of health program. Ends with phone number "9927 0615" which is used by the Qué Buen Día health show on JBN Radio 96.1 FM. This is in San Pedro Sula. SITAE lists a "Radio Freeedom 96.1 FM" [sic] on this frequency instead, and I also see references to a "La Nueva", but that's not either of them. Station has a religious format.

      96.3 1120 and 1200 - The 1200 mentions Enciclopedia and the 1120 has the same VO. CMMF Cueva Arriba

      96.3 1232 - I think I hear a "La Kalle" ID liner "Vamos a La Kalle" toward the end. HIKK Santiago RD

      96.5 1126 - Mentions of pesos and a "Francisco Canal". It seems to be a grocery store. The produce is being sold in grams? which makes me suspect this is not RD (as seen before Dominican grocery ads quote prices per pound). [I originally thought Mexico but with little information, didn't put that. XHRN makes a ton of sense but was not in my PTA.]

      96.5 1131 - "Sorteo 30 de Junio, Lotería Nacional PANI". That is Honduras. Also an ad for a flu relief medication and some sort of PSA about Central America.

      As you had San Pedro Sula in at this hour I'd tentatively suggest Rock 'n' Pop 96.5, but there are other 96.5s in Honduras.

      96.5 1303 - "Ritmo 96" - HIMS Santo Domingo. Name given in the beginning and a couple of Santo Domingo references after.

      96.7 1056 - I hear the Reloj tocks... But who's Reloj on 96.7?

      96.7 1124 - Religious station with really bad audio quality and a screechy phone line.

      96.7 1256 - There's a lot going on here, but not much to ID. There's an EE with "Mitch Thomas"?? doing the top of hour news. I also hear "...1.5, W..." at 4:50 in EE.
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        Thanks guys for the reviews.
        4 new loggings: XHRN/JBN Radio 96.1/CMMF/HIKK.
        I heard 3 Radio Relog tickers in this opening on 94.7/96.7/103.1.
        Anybody know where the 96.7/103.1 transmitters are located?


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          Gargadon and Raymie, any chance the 96.7 clip at 1124 is HRCQ San Marcos de Colón, Honduras? Gargadon said the station is religious, but it had an ad mention for Villanueva Boutique, which is in Villanueva, Cortes (department). HRCQ is a relay station for Radio Samaritano, which is on 91.9. San Pedro Sula also has a station on 96.7, but last known reference shows it is a commercial station.

          Boutique shops in Villanueva...

          The latest information I can find on Radio Reloj in Cuba regarding *repetidoras* - 22 on AM and 16 on FM, but no list can be found as to which frequencies those are and what cities assigned.

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            It's not the same station; the Villanueva Boutique is at about 1:10, buried underneath the religious station, which sure sounds like it's on a bad phone line. There's just not enough to ID anything.

            That said, San Marcos is possible as he logged the 98.3 there.
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              4 new loggings here,
              XHRN/JBN Radio 96.1/CMMF/HIKK
              Thanks, Fred