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Getting closer to logging Bermuda on FM

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  • Getting closer to logging Bermuda on FM

    I am 99% sure I had 94.9 "Power 95" Bermuda today. This station has remained elusive for years. I've never heard their id but I know this has got to be them. Arrggg
    WKSJ Mobile,AL and WTNT Tallahassee,FL the two country stations mixing are semi locals making DXing tough on this freq.
    Still, I managed to log a new one on tropo, not sure how, but WLTM Atlanta popped in for a minute, long enough to get an id. Only 268 miles but north is the toughest direction here.
    New Jersey to Miami was going on at the same time. E "cloud" was almost perfectly aligned for Bermuda.
    Randy KW4RZ Goldfield, Nevada DM17

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    Getting closer....

    I'd agree with your thoughts on this - that's who it 'sounds like'.
    Russ Edmunds
    15 mi NW Philadelphia, PA
    WB2BJH -- Grid FN20id

    2 ) SDRPlay RSP1a SDRs, Onkyo T450RDS,
    Yamaha T-80 & Conrad RDS Manager;
    Yamaha T-85 & Conrad RDS Manager;
    all w APS9B @ 15'
    Insignia NSHDRAD2 w/ whip.