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WTSU 89.9 - but by what mode?

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  • WTSU 89.9 - but by what mode?

    I definitely heard WTSU 89.9 this morning, as the attached
    file shows. Only question is what mode of propagation?
    If it's trops it was ~800 miles. The real-time VHF
    propagation map suggests this was possible. I'm more
    skeptical-the signal was almost TOO strong in my opinion.
    What do you think?


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    I don't think there is such a thing as 'too strong for tropo'. I've heard some extremely intense tropo where the distant signals are local-like. I've experienced it here, as well as from Maine and in Georgia. These are rare, but they do happen. 800 miles is on the long side, but that's happened before as well.
    Russ Edmunds
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      It's WTSU via tropo.....

      Listen to the audio "waves" Matt. You can definitely tell its got the tropo fade-up "waves". As to Russ's comment, i've never had tropo that sounded too clear. I've had some tropo signals that sounded like locals.
      Jim Thomas
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        Nice catch!
        Sporadic E wasn't in place at the time so you can pretty much rule that out.
        After last night's tropo continuation I'd place my bet on that mode.
        Tropo is ending just north of me. Joe in Michigan logged 97.3 WNCB in Tuskaloosa, AL last night and there was plenty of FM and UHF TV from northern Alabama > IL,WI,IN
        Randy KW4RZ Goldfield, Nevada DM17