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  • FM unIDs including 87.9

    Some more unIDs ... any leads are appreciated, with thanks!

    87.9 Es - Discovery Now mentioned with Es to MN through to WY - 7 June 1840 EST.

    88.5 Es - Ad for Something First State Bank, then what sounds like Stinson Chevrolet in a place sounding like Newport. I suspect KOEM Mesquite TX but I am not sure with what I can pull from this. 12 June 1106 EDT.

    90.5 Es - Mentions Spirit FM in ID with a promo. This could be VA or FL given my Tr range that day. 25 June 1409 EDT.

    92.9 Ms - Sounds like Sunny 92.9 to me, but nothing listed. 23 June 0931 EDT.

    94.3 Es - 4:21 Time check makes this Eastern time zone. Traffic with woman sounding like Laurie (Lori etc) Bird (also tried Byrne). Suspecting FL or SC areas. 13 June 1621 EDT.

    95.1 Es - Something forecast (jingle) - anyone recognize this? 12 June 1118 EDT.

    95.1 Es - I think this is is Kiss 95-1 and it could be NC or FL. Anyone able to distinguish the style? I have not ruled out "Kicks" but nothing logical checks for that. 13 June 1731 EDT.

    98.1 Es - Sounds like "Mix 98.1 The Drive" and I hear "The Drive twice. Though I am totally iffy on the "Mix" part of it. Heard SC-TX etc. 13 June 1708 EDT.

    99.7 Ms - Traffic mentions and I am suspecting WJKD. But curious for comments. 1 June 0727 EDT.

    100.5 Es - Ad for Mike from Prairie (or Priority) Trailer Sales & Service. Heard MN to WY - 7 June 1952 EDT.

    Again, thank you for any comments.
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    Saul Chernos
    Burnt River ON

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    Hi Saul,

    88.5 is KTYC in Nashville, AR. There is "Gentry Chevrolet in DeQueen" at 00:08 and "The sales staff includes Trent Gentry and Mike Wilson of DeQueen" at 00:25.



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      94.3 traffic - Can't figure out Laurie's last name either but she is reporting from the Florida Center and Outlet Traffic studio (at least that's what it sounds like to me)

      95.1 Kiss - Clearly "Kiss 95.1" with James Arthur's "Say You Won't Let Go" (2016 CHR hit)

      99.7 - " - traffic every 10 minutes, 99 7 the <?>" Hmmm......

      100.5 - Sounds like Fairland Trailer Sales and Service.
      Jim Thomas
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        100.5 is an ad for Prairie Wind Trailers, making it KIKN.


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          KTYC 88.5 is new on a channel that is hard to work. KIKN 100.5 is a relog. The others will require some work (to figure out which of the two Kiss stations it is on 95.1 (I suspect NC but could also be FL), or the 99.7 in FL.

          Thanks, Jon, Jim and Nick, and others who listened. Appreciate!
          Saul Chernos
          Burnt River ON