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mp3 of unID 102.3 via trops...

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  • mp3 of unID 102.3 via trops...

    Here's another file for your listening pleasure.
    It's on 102.3 pointed southeast, nulling Sioux City
    off the back. There are a couple of geographic
    mentions in this but I've had no luck in figuring
    out just what she's saying. Can you help?
    This was July 23 just before 10am local. Most
    likely PTA is Missouri.


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    102.3 mystery solved

    I must have listened 25 times to it, but finally my ears
    heard something usable. The county name to me kept
    sounding like Nicholas County, but turns out they
    are both saying Brookings County, and there is mention of
    a 4-H achievement event August 1-4, which matches
    exactly the schedule I found on the web (although I have
    no idea what town she's saying). The second girl
    talks about Citizens State Bank and mentions a phone #
    of 826-4151. I thought she was saying "Satellite Branch",
    it's actually Sinai branch, a nearby town. But the phone
    number didn't match for this bank... rather First State Bank.
    I had to dig some more to find out the First State Bank was
    bought by Citizens State Bank hence the change in name.
    I found an exact match on the phone number though in Sinai.

    So even though I was pointed southeast, it was KKQQ
    Volga SD off the back. A new one just the same!

    As for WTSU I'm going to call it meteor scatter since the
    signal faded somewhat abruptly and never returned.
    It's a new logging as well.