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    Quite an active Geminids meteor shower this time around. Any thoughts on these unIDs, which thus far elude my own little grey cells? Clips attached below. Times EST.

    96.1 - Dec 13 0819 - Sounds like "The Poser Radio Sports…"
    97.3 - Dec 14 1003 - "My Mix 97-3" - any way to distinguish between KMXC SD & WKWK WV?
    97.5 - Dec 14 0909 - "Lite Rock 97.5" ID - any way to distinguish between WHMS IL & KEXL NE?
    97.5 - Dec 14 0851 - Sounds like "Harbord County Meals on Wheels lunch menu"
    99.3 - Dec 14 0510 - Sounds like "It's your Farm Focus brought to you by Richard Brothers...
    102.3 - Dec 14 1131 - Sounds like "Something-stone leading pork producer in this area, hiring, new facility in Elton / Elkton"
    102.3 - Dec 14 0835 - Sounds like "Throwback Thursdays Q-102". My guess is Mississippi. Curious for other takes on this.
    106.1 - Dec 14 0936 - Sounds like "From everyone at Your Waters in Hivey"

    Any leads are greatly appreciated, with thanks!

    Saul / Burnt River ON
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    Saul Chernos
    Burnt River ON

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    96.1 - Koser Radio Network, WJMC Rice Lake WI

    97.3 - KMXC SD mp3 clip attached, recorded from stream. Different sweeper/jingle, but sounds like same voice guy.

    102.3 - WIQQ Greenville MS? They have a Throwback lunch hour, M-F. But the clip says specifically 'Throwback Thursday', so maybe someone else.

    106.1 - "From everyone at your Watertown Hy-Vee" (supermarket chain from Iowa, all over the Midwest). There is a Hy-Vee Supermarket in Watertown SD but I don't know who this would be. No one in SD on 106.1, the closest in MN is almost 50 miles SE. Or another Watertown in another state???
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    Jim Thomas
    Springfield, MO EM37

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      The only Watertown with a Hy-Vee store is Watertown, South Dakota. There is a 106.3, nominally at Ortonville MN, but with its transmitter northeast of Watertown in South Dakota.

      The pork producer sounds like Lakestone but no hits; the county name might be Harford or Harper, but no Meals on Wheels matches; and is Richard "Pritchard"?
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        Thanks, Jim & Raymie.
        Agree 97.3 is SD, voices match. Relog.
        106.1 - Hy-Vee makes sense. Upon review again, knowing to look for Watertown, it sounds a bit like Waterton, FWIW. Checked a full list of its locations, nothing comes even close except Watertown SD. Most likely candidate in this event is KJOE Slayton MN at some 80 or so miles. Had a separate ID on this one. But still seems an odd distance unless it does run ads from Watertown...if Watertown is the nearest big centre ... will look more carefully at that possibility.
        Re 99.3 pork producer - I thought for awhile it might be Pipestone, as in MN, with a pork producer by that name. but still came up with blanks.
        Agree re WJMC.
        Still reviewing other leads you both provided - and adding to my list of stations heard IDed and unIDed ... one of my best Ms showers ever with 15 new plus 13 for first time by Ms. I will post a full list once a few things are worked out, plus a few of the best clips. Delaware 98.5 heard for a new Ms state!
        Saul Chernos
        Burnt River ON