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Unid's from 6/18 Kansas Es opening

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  • Unid's from 6/18 Kansas Es opening

    Three unids to post:

    92.7 - Hard to hear due to splatter from K223BC/KAWZ, but there's a commercial followed by a possible ID, and the very start of 'Livin on a Prayer' Bon Jovi. Possibly KWME. Heard KHUT-102.9 a minute later for a new one.

    100.3 - UnID 'Rocks...100.3' - is this the imaging voice for KDVV Topeka? If so, new.

    107.9 - A real stumper, nursing/hospital ad mentioning North Central KS, followed by website link. SS is local LPFM KYRF-LP Yakima, easily nullable.

    Thanks much! Good to finally hear some top-of-band Es again.
    FM/AM/SW DXer of Yakima, WA! God Bless America!

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    I can't get your files to play on my phone, but I suspect just from your description that the second one is KNZS Arlington, "Kansas Rocks". I'll have to check the others from home.
    Matthew C. Sittel
    Bellevue, NE


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      100.3 - I agree with Matt. I think your clip is missing *Kansas*. I was listening to KNZS Arlington's stream last night (technically Hutchinson). Their liners said "Kansas Rocks...100 point 3" between every couple songs.

      107.9 - I think this is Great Bend, KZRS. The website sounds like, but that goes nowhere on a Google search or direct entry as a URL. Great Bend is actually in central KS, but maybe in the ad at the beginning, they were talking about a service that is located in the north central KS region.
      Jim Thomas
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        Didn't even know KNZS existed! Thanks, that's a new log.
        I'm not sure if I'll count KZRS yet, if someone can get that website into EQ, we can figure it out and find out what it is. I heard a mention of nursing, medical related stuff, maybe a healthcare provider or hospital system. Great Bend Regional Hospital is ',' nowhere near this one. But I did see in the news that KU's Health System bought them out recently. Perhaps this 'SRGB' or whatever is related to Kansas University's Health System? Hmmmmm....until we know I'd rather not take the risk of 'logging' KZRS knowing it could have been KWLS as well, even though that's near Wichita.
        And on this 92.7, I hear '92.7' at 0:30 followed by possible call but the KAWZ translator slop was all over it. I still think it's KWME but not confirming it yet.
        FM/AM/SW DXer of Yakima, WA! God Bless America!