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Several UNIDs from 6/22/18 Es

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  • Several UNIDs from 6/22/18 Es

    Nice opening with 10 new (8 from the evening opening) and a 108 MUF!

    #1 - 92.5 with WX forecast and mention of a deep tracks show, then lost under local Naches KAWZ translator. Trinidad CO is my best guess.

    #2 - 100.3 with commercial for a demolition derby and mentioning the Midwest. KRDQ? KZEN? Someone else? Skip anywhere from Red Oak IA (KCSI-95.3) all the way to New Mexico at this point.

    #3 - 97.7 with Spanish commercial, think I hear NE so likely KBBX.

    #4 - 90.1 promo for some NPR show, then fade out, over KNWY IBOC. Not sure who this is.

    #5 - 89.7 with discussion on Vietnamese community - does anyone know which show this is? It went through the TOH without an ID. This is such a difficult channel with KSOH and K210CX sandwiched between and I wish I would have gotten a callsign.

    #6 - 102.5 UNID mixing with KTRR with commercial for some conference in Kansas next month. KKCI or KKCV? Earlier it aired Townhall TOH news.

    #7 - 93.3 UNID WX forecast and commercial, mixing with top 40, no doubt KKOB.

    #8 - 95.3 at the end of the opening - KPHT 95.5 and KXXI 93.7 both in. Something county radio station, Alpine Home Medical commercial, I suspect KRPX (short skip).

    #9 - 92.3 at the end of the opening, commercial for enrolling your kids at a Christian or private school of some kind.

    Good luck! This opening was a fun one
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    The 97.7 is a Dish Latino ad but it does mention Nebraska. It's gotta be KBBX.

    The 102.5 convention is the National Right to Life Convention at the Sheraton in Overland Park, Kansas.

    The 95.3 has to be KRPX — Alpine Home Medical is in Utah.

    The 92.3 is "Cross of Hope School", "897-0047", in Albuquerque.
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      Thanks for your help - KRST logged about 15 minutes before with Nash FM 92.3 ID, KBBX and KRPX are both new. Just looked up the latter and I see 'Castle Country Radio'...and I heard that in the recording. That's 6kw at 690 miles - short skip!
      I'm wondering if the 102.5 is KKCV in Rozel/Dodge City? I'm sure Bott would have an ad for them. But I'm not 100% sure so I'm not counting them until I know.
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        #1 - 92.5 has to be somewhere *mountain* oriented, so my pick would be KCRT Trinidad, Colorado also. DJ mentions high of 97, low of 53 and high fire danger. Low humidity for that temperature range and has to be near woodlands to be concerned about fire danger.

        #2 - 100.3 is KRDQ Colby KS. Demolition Derby is at Oakley KS, near Colby...

        #7 - 93.3, I think this one was KKDC Dolores CO. Forecast temps match the Dolores temps from Weather Underground website.
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          Thank you Jim! I will count KRDQ Colby and KKDC Dolores as new, but without a city match or program match on the 92.5, it is still unID'ed.
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