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  • Meteor Scatter unIDs

    Some meteor scatter unIDs I'm hoping to solve...

    93.3 - "From 5:30 to 10 on Coast 93-3" - there's options I know of in FL and MA. Any ideas on which? This was Aug 14 0242 EDT from the Perseids.

    98.5 - I am almost sure this is WKRZ Wilkes Barre PA. I am hoping for a second opinion. It's a bit close, maybe Ms, and I have not ruled out Tropo Scatter. Dec 14 1943 EST from Geminids.

    103.7 - unID Bank ad from Oct 14 at 0218 EST. Couple times the bank might be IDable, including a web site, but am not making it out.

    104.7 - Likely WHTP Kennebunkport ME on Dec 14 at 1928 EST. Possible mention of Maine close to the start, then Buford (sp?) and Waterboro.

    107.3 ad for Ogallala Ford Chrysler on Aug 20 at 1621. Question is, I can't find a dealer by that name. Otherwise this would be KNPQ Hershey NE...

    107.9 - Am I wrong or could this ONLY be WEBE Westport CT? It's a political ad on Aug 12 at 1217 at height of Perseids. Also, does this sound like Ms or Tr? I'm curious what others think!

    Any leads are appreciated, with thanks!

    Saul / Burnt River ON
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    Saul Chernos
    Burnt River ON

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    The bank ad is for Avant (, which is a bank/loan company with apparently national scope.

    The 107.9 political ad is for Connecticut US Senate candidate Matthew Corey. My guess is WEBE for sure.
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      98.5 sounds like "KRZ" (WKRZ's nickname) to me.
      Chris - Poughkeepsie, NY
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        I suggest 107.3 is WCGQ Columbus GA. Well, if that ad is for, a car dealer operating in Opelika AL. That would fit for WCGQ. Better opinions?


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          Thanks, Raymie - I'm pretty certain re WEBE but wanted another opinion., Now, whether this is Tr or N\Ms is another question. It faded in and out like Tr, lasting quite a while. But Ms can last long, too. I've never had Tr from CT in Burnt River ON, but ya never know... And I guess the 103.7 bank ad being national sends this unID out to pasture.

          Thanks, Chris. You're closer to KRZ and am glad to get your opinion on this. I was 95% sure... It is kind of short-hault for Ms, but I often get Montreal on 98.5, 107.3 and others, so why not...

          Thanks, FinnDX ... It sounds more like Opelika than Ogallala, though the phone number given doesn't seem to register. Now I have a car dealer to call and ask. I get WCGQ from time to time on Ms, BTW.

          These leads greatly appreciated.

          Saul Chernos
          Burnt River ON


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            Hello Saul, The Coast 93-3 is definitely not Ft Walton Beach WNCV. Probably the Massachusetts station
            The 107.3 definitely WCGQ
            very familiar
            Randy KW4RZ Goldfield, Nevada DM17


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              Thanks Randy. Haven't been in Forums for awhile so just noticed this. I'll have to check into this 93.3 especially.
              Saul Chernos
              Burnt River ON