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Summer UnIDs - mostly Ms

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  • Summer UnIDs - mostly Ms

    Going through unIDs, some seem solvable. I'm hoping some will sound familiar. Any leads are always appreciated. MP3 clips are attached here.

    92.7 Es - 10 June - Sounds like Q-Fry or K-Fry - Es area included IA NE MO KS.

    93.9 Ms - 9 June - Carolina#1 Country. Options include WNCB NC and WMIR SC. Anyone know which IDs like this?

    98.7 Ms - 22 July - Web site given twice sounds like OC

    99.7 Ms - 7 August - Sounds like Lyon County Fair.

    101.3 Ms - 22 June - Ad sounds like 10 Keys Kia.

    103.7 Ms - 10 June - Sounds like Bastien Chevrolet.

    104.7 Ms - 24 May - IDs sounds like Pushin' 104.7.

    107.1 Ms - 14 Aug Ms - Burst sounds like "New West Wisconsin Radio.

    With thanks,

    Saul Chernos
    Burnt River ON
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    Saul Chernos
    Burnt River ON

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    Hi Saul,

    92.7 sounds like "12 in a row," at 00:02. That would be K224EX in Manhattan, KS, at only 99 watts! The website isn't working yet, I guess.



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      Edit - 101.3 Kia - Website is the name of the dealer which sounds like "Tatease Kia dot com"
      The announcer really throws you. He says *harry* for the word 'hurry' - "Harry to the summer Kia sales event". The dealer name he is saying may even be pronounced weird.

      98.7 - is Ocean City, Maryland.

      99.7 Lyon County Fair - Probably KARZ Marshall MN. Marshall is the county seat of Lyon County MN. Fair was August 7-11th.
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      Jim Thomas
      Springfield, MO EM37

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        101.3 is an ad for JT's Kia dot com, Columbia SC so WWDM Sumter.

        93.9, WNCB does use that tagline and that's the typical iHeart country voiceover guy. I'd be pretty confident it's them.

        104.7 is "Ocean 104.7", WOCN-MA.

        Very jealous of your Ms channels, Saul! Those days are long gone here.


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          Thank you Jon, Jim and Nick!

          Jon - Re 92.7 - Awesome how you heard 'Prime' where I heard Fry, and then managed to find a source online to acknowledge its existence. Let's just say this one was so far from my radar... Thanks!

          Jim - Re 101.3 & 99.7 - Appreciate your work on these. Makes sense for 99.7 for your reasons and the fact that MN is a common area caught via Ms here. Re 98.7 referring to Ocean City, Maryland. It's a tourism ad. The NJ station makes the most sense since it's closest, but I think i'll give the organization a call and see how far afield they advertise. We get some MI and NY tourism ads in ON, for instance.

          Nick - Re 101.3 you totally nailed WWDM, and I'm revising the log as Es rather than Ms because on the time hear being a few minutes from another mini Es spike into FM and fading up and down gradually rather than typical Ms abruptness. WNCB is an occasional Ms visitor here, but good to know. Same with WOCN "Ocean' in MA. Some of the channels with these unIDs are not really fully open. 101.3 has four or five stations fading in and out, and often hogging the channel. I'll record a channel for a few hours and be really happy if I get some fade-out time that lasts for awhile. Some are occupied all the time but weak enough that strong Ms will over-ride. I actually don't listen for bursts - much easier to use Audacity and look at 2-3 minute segments and spot potential spikes on the signal meter. Then listen if a good spike is spotted. I can go thru a 12 hour recording in 15 minutes. I think it also helps to use antennas that are low to the ground or even on the ground, maybe raised two or three feet. Tall towers pick up too much tropo, IMO...
          Saul Chernos
          Burnt River ON


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            You got one of my locals by Ms! WOCN, Orleans, Cape Cod MA. Horizontal Effective Radiated Power 50,000 Watts, Vertical is 36,000 watts. HAAT 459 ft.
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              Have had WOCN three times by Ms this season. Jan 3, May 24, and now with this now-solved unID on Aug 7. Next best thing to being at the ocean is hearing it. Thanks!
              Saul Chernos
              Burnt River ON