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unID 100.9 from Nov 21-22 Meteor Shower

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  • unID 100.9 from Nov 21-22 Meteor Shower

    I got this brief Ms burn last night at 12:10am EST Nov 22 --- 100.9 unID Ms Nov 22_1.mp3 ----. Plenty of signal, but short clip with deep choppy fades plus accent of announcer leaves me with an unID. Can anyone make anything out of this? Frequency was 100.9.
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    The accent has me leaning towards E-KY or E-TN.

    73, Ed NN2E
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      I would say that accent is in eastern Tennessee, around Knoxville.


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        Sounds like - mans voice (can't make out) then woman says, "Bree and Will has got a buncha <hot ?> stuff like boots, ...."
        Jim Thomas
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          ... or western Virginia. Interesting but tough clip - might be worth farming it out to any stations or DXers in those areas.
          Saul Chernos
          Burnt River ON