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  • Hot 99-7

    6:20 today. Is this Yakima, Washington?!
    Last edited by adamrivers; 08-28-2005, 12:06 AM.

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    Better Clip Here

    better clip on my UNID -- maybe Yakima WA?!?!


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      Still doesn't sound like Hot.
      Listened to it over and over and over and it sounds like "Mike 99.7" There is no "o" sound in there at all. Definitely some kind of "ike" sound.
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        Sounds like "Wild" to me.


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          I was just in the Green Bay area last week and listened to WLYD. This is WLYD. Sorry, Adam.


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            I agree with Mike. There's definitely an "ike" sound before 99-7. To me it sounds like:

            Bike-m 99-7
            Heart (or hot) beat goes I

            Doesn't make any sense, but that's what it sounds like.



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              Some actual WLYD audio for comparison

              Having been in Green Bay a week ago, and having taped 45 minutes of WLYD, I was hoping to be able to go to the tape and pull out the same liner - or at least the same voice guy - that Adam heard.

              However, it sounds like they use multiple voices for their liners.

              I've attached a few for comparison to see what everyone thinks. (This is from the 1 AM, Aug. 19 timeframe, just FYI.)

              And I'm still hearing "Wild 99-7...goes on" when I listen to Adam's clip.


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                Wild 99.7 is one of my locals here that I listen to almost daily and I have NEVER before heard an ID like this. However... I have little doubt in my mind that the voice is saying "Wild 99.7" and I don't know of many other Wilds anywhere. They usually use a deeper voice IDing "Wildddd 99.7" or else will ID as "Home of the Fat 50, Wild 99.7"...

                They HAVE been known to use some various IDs though quickly like this. I'm going to ask one of the DJs there I mean, why bother doing it this way when you can ask the station guys themselves, eh? :banghead: . I've never had to ID Wild before because it's only 115 miles away... so I don't pay a ton of attention to their IDs and all.
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                  Scott - Thanks for posting the clip. I just don't know what to count this as. It doesn't make much sense.. because thats not similar at all. We'll just have to leave this as UNID forever.