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Randy asked for it - an Ms UNID!

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    Thanks Russ!! With only one station on 93.9 for both Indiana and Illinois football games that pretty much narrows it down. So I'll log it. New state on FM I still want a full id or positive slogan from at least one station in each state so I'm not stopping here.
    I know I had an Illinois station earlier today with the ad for the Chicago area cheerleading academy, and once back in June I had a good burn on 95.1 with an ad for northern Illinois but there are two in the area and I've lost 95.1 for weak signal DX. I never heard any FM's on Es from Illinois over the summer but on one opening I came in on a bit too late Chris had logged 2 of my locals.. The state is in the 600-800 mile range. Perfect for Ms but all of the stations on my clear freqs are low power. WYEC is only 3kw and I think this is the lowest powered FM I've caught on Ms. I'm trying for "worked all states" on FM, at least all in the 1500 miles range, by the end of 1 year of serious FM Dxing. Still need NH,RI,DE,IN,KY,AZ,UT and of course the rest of the west which is beyond 1500 miles. I'm hoping for some more Es this winter but I'm not holding my breath for AZ and UT, seem to be about impossible with the mountains blocking low angles. I made WAS in one year on 50MHz from Louisiana back in 1991 including AK and HI. FM is a much bigger challenge. Thanks for your help
    Randy KW4RZ Goldfield, Nevada DM17