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unid'ed Mexico tropo, possibly 980 miles

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  • unid'ed Mexico tropo, possibly 980 miles

    I got this signal on 101.7 around 6:40pm central time beaming Mexico with the tropo map orange and red over this path. Rather weak but pretty solid. I can clearly hear "Los Cuarenta Principales" which there are 4 in Mexico on this freq. I suspect XHPR Veracruz which is 81kw and about 980 miles but could also be XHTD in Coatzacoalcos about 1030 miles 62kw
    A half hour later I checked again and had a stronger signal which was clearly XHVIR Ciudad Victoria "La Cotorra" 100kw about 890-910 miles (no exact distance data) But could the first station be the same as second? I never heard "Los Cuarenta Principales" when the second stronger station was in, only "La Cotorra" 2 audios made with clear id's.
    Thanks for any help with the Spanish
    Randy KW4RZ Goldfield, Nevada DM17

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    The audio in question never made it in the upload, too large I suspect and has since been id'ed as XHTR "Los Cuarenta Principales" in Veracruz, VER Mexico which is the station I suspected. Their website still shows them as XHPR and at 160kw rather than 81kw.
    I was told the call letters are now XHTR??? After listening again and hearing ads that mention Veracruz, listening to their online audio feed from Fred Cantu's website and Jim Thomas' assistance who recognized in an ad "Boca del Rio" which is a major suburb in the southern part of Veracruz, VER. Distance is about 980 miles which is a new tropo record for me. Here's a shortened audio clip of 101.7 XHTR (XHPR)

    Also logged the night of Oct19 was a new catch from Bishop, Texas.. 106.9 KMZZ 25kw at 707 miles and common tropo signal 93.9 KMXR Corpus Christi, TX was strong with their 100kw from 689 miles away.

    In the morning tropo was into Texas with best being 104.5 KZEP San Antonio at 712 miles. I did not have much time to DX.
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    Randy KW4RZ Goldfield, Nevada DM17


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      Great logs Randy!

      Btw, the attachment limit for MP3's is set high, at 32K encoding really any log should make the upload.

      Maybe the file wasn't uploaded completely before you browsed away?
      Michael T-S

      Sourland Mountain Region of New Jersey
      Grid: FN20


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        I'm not sure what happened, Michael. No worries though.

        For this 102.5 ......

        I'm suspecting that the "Corazón" is the end of a song maybe, the id is garbled by the other station.. I hear "cinco unto punto" but that makes no sense?
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        Randy KW4RZ Goldfield, Nevada DM17