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Couple of FM Es UNIDs to solve-1 SS & 1 FFc

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  • Couple of FM Es UNIDs to solve-1 SS & 1 FFc

    7/22 FM Es UNIDs need Spanish & French Canadian experts help:
    99.1-FFc-1300edt - May be a Montreal area station?
    88.7-SS-1832edt - ant aimed to SE - no other skip evident (SS also briefly in on 90.1/93.1)
    mp3 files are attached for your review.

    Fred Nordquist
    Moncks Corner SC

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    Fred, which is it, 88.7 or 99.1 on the FFC ?

    I'm pretty sure it is indeed Montreal area as a few Montreal subrubs are mentioned.

    The SS is speaking of something in Naples, FL, however there's nothing on 88.7 listed in Spanish in FL and WayFM is already in Fort Myers. There's also a .org website address but I can't get the main part of it. Could be a pirate.
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    Russ Edmunds
    15 mi NW Philadelphia, PA
    WB2BJH -- Grid FN20id

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      The FFc UNID file attachment should have been named 99.1 as its freq.(not 88.7)
      I'm sure the SS UNID was via Es as 2 other SS frequencies were noted about the
      same time.

      Fred Nordquist - Moncks Corner SC


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        the 88.7 is an ad for "Cultural Legacy" with website and mailing address
        Not sure who this would be. No 88.7 in Puerto Rico.
        Randy KW4RZ Goldfield, Nevada DM17


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          CJMM Rouyn QC - I heard a Radio Energie in the 99.1 French unID. The rather thick accent sounded very Quebecois, which I have more trouble with than parisian French.

          there was also a phone given to callthe station (the question How was your summer?) 866-991-1027 which checks to an Energie in nearby Val d'Or. The phone number was Huit Six Six, Neuf Neuf Un, and what sounded like Cent Deux Sept (100 2 7) when it should have been (correctly) mille vingt sept (1027 as a whole) or un zero deux sept (in keeping with the style of the previous six numbers.

          Anyhow, no doubt here.

          Saul Chernos
          Burnt River ON