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8/9 Es - SS FM UNIDs - Caribbean 1 of 4

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  • 8/9 Es - SS FM UNIDs - Caribbean 1 of 4

    Attached mp3 files are the 1st of 4 batches of FM UNIDs
    from the 8/9 Es opening from Dominican Republic/Puerto Rico direction,
    needin ID help. I extracted only the portions of the tape where their seemed
    to be IDable material. Channels were often 2 deep in this unusual opening.

    ES01 - 89.5-SS-UNID-080908-1743edt.mp3
    ES02 - 90.9-FF-UNID-080908-1743edt.mp3
    ES03 - 90.1-SS-UNID-080908-1732edt.mp3
    ES04 - 90.5-SS-UNID-080908-1835edt.mp3
    ES05 - 90.7-SS-UNID-080908-1835edt.mp3
    ES06 - 90.9-SS-UNID-080908-1710edt.mp3
    ES07 - 91.7-EE-UNID-080908-1740edt.mp3
    ES08 - 91.7-SS-UNID-080908-1903edt.mp3
    ES10 - 92.9-SS-UNID-080908-1830edt.mp3
    ES11 - 93.7-SS-UNID-080908-1745edt.mp3

    Fred Nordquist
    Moncks Corner SC

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    89.5 San Juan ad and nice jingle ID "Radio Cadena Hispanoamericana"
    = HISM San Juan de la Maguana, DR

    90.9 French, I can't translate but since you have so many Dominicans,
    esp Santo Domingo I would log this as 10kw HIRF relays "Radio France Internationale" Santo Domingo, DR

    90.1 ad for concert at "Andy Ranch" August 17 and contact phone 809-241-8358. Santiago so most likely HIPR "Primor 90.1" Santiago, DR

    90.5 ads I can't pinpoint

    90.7 at least 2 mixing, ads I can't pinpoint

    90.9 at least 2 mixing, Santo Domingo mentions probably HIRF again which is listed as being Spanish and French relaying RFI
    probably Santiago in there too and I hear a mention of "Cuba Radio"

    91.7 EE maybe "La Rocka" Santo Domingo or "Melody FM" Puerto Plata or possibly ZGOLD British Virgin Islands, not sure what all they play

    91.7 ads, might be something in there to pinpoint

    92.9 2 or more stations. ID at 00:06 with "92.9" gets clobbered might be "Orbita" Puerto Plata, DR
    suspect stronger station is Santo Domingo

    93.7 mess of mixing stations ID at 1:03 gets clobbered. I hear an ad for Barahona in here but with 5 stations in the country it's hard to say which one,
    no 93.7 in Barahona. You may have all 5 in here. I get the same mix on 93.7 when the band opens to DR
    Randy KW4RZ Goldfield, Nevada DM17


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      Ya don't think maybe the 90.9 is Haiti? I caught R Timoun in 2000 (I have no idea what the station is right now). I did hear FF on 90.9 this year too, but could not determine anything.

      As u might expect, Timoun "sounded" not too professional.



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        DO PPL Villa Isabel (Isabel de Torres) HIVA 1kw Fantasía FM

        At 18 seconds, female announcer gives a public service announcement for families of Puerto Plata.
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