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8/9 Es - SS FM UNIDs - Caribbean 4 of 4

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  • 8/9 Es - SS FM UNIDs - Caribbean 4 of 4

    Attached mp3 files are the 4th of 4 batches of FM UNIDs
    from the 8/9 Es opening from Dominican Republic/Puerto Rico direction,
    needin ID help. I extracted only the portions of the tape where their seemed
    to be IDable material. Channels were often 2 deep in this unusual opening.

    ES45. 105.1-SS-080908-1847edt.mp3
    ES46. 105.1-SS-UNID-080908-1803edt.mp3
    ES47. 105.9-SS-UNID-080908-1813edt.mp3
    ES48. 106.1-SS-080908-1844edt.mp3
    ES49. 106.5-SS-UNID-080908-1843edt.mp3
    ES50. 106.7-SS-UNID-080908-1721edt.mp3
    ES51. 106.9-SS-UNID-080908-1721edt.mp3
    ES52. 107.5-SS-UNID-080908-1842edt.mp3
    ES53. 107.5-SS-UNID-PR-080908-1810edt.mp3
    ES54. 107.7-EE-SS-UNID-080908-1853edt.mp3

    Fred Nordquist
    Moncks Corner SC

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    In the 107.7 EE-SS clip at 12 seconds in, I am pretty sure I here Irie FM, which would be Saint Ann, Jamaica. Sorry, can't help with that SS stuff. Listening again at 4 seconds in I here, "From the Irie FM news, I'm Cheryl Johnson"
    Craig WDX4CWC Oviedo, FL.
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      Originally posted by fredn-mcsc View Post
      ES45. 105.1-SS-080908-1847edt.mp3
      ES46. 105.1-SS-UNID-080908-1803edt.mp3
      I hear ads for a supermercado in La Vega & another for Banco Popular in the same Dominican city. The bank's website says they have two locations there.

      On the other hand, I find nothing on the 'Net about a 105.1 station there. RadioStationWorld lists a 104.9, I wonder if it changed frequency or has an adjacent-channel repeater? Their website just says "105".

      ES45 contains a clear "Canal 105" ID which matches the website of the La Vega station - in other words I suspect ES45 and ES46 are the same station.

      ES49. 106.5-SS-UNID-080908-1843edt.mp3
      I hear an ad for a furniture store mentioning "Dominicanos" so I would presume this to be Zol 106.5 in the D.R. but would probably want more than that to claim it.

      ES53. 107.5-SS-UNID-PR-080908-1810edt.mp3
      This one is "FM 107.5" in La Romana, Dominican Rep.. I hear an ad for Supermercado Jumbo in La Romana, then one for an all-night party with a phone number 809-688-4173 which comes back to a tourist condo development in La Romana. (with stores & restaurants, presumably including at least one disco!)

      Oh, I hear the same thing Craig hears ("Irie FM") on the 107.7 clip.
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      Doug Smith W9WI
      Pleasant View, TN EM66


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        Fred, Doug and Craig hear what I hear on these and I believe I have all the others ID'ed too. I had 30 minutes research and typing in this box and something happened and it all got lost. It's happened before too. I'm torqued. Will try again another time. Anyone got a sledge hammer?
        Randy KW4RZ Goldfield, Nevada DM17


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          105.1 #1 good ID's "Canal 105" La Vega, DR

          There is a conflict with the call letters, obvious this is a move from 104.9 where it had the same call letters as another, there is a new station now on 104.9 in nearby Puerto Plata. The new Indotel file shows all new call letters
          for Dominican stations and has Canal 105 listed as HIL85. I know they use 4 letter designators as I've heard 3 different on the air, one this season so I'm not sure about the 3 letter/2 number designators.
          There's still a lot of conflicting info on this new PDF file as far as what's been heard and where they are located. Station websites not matching up. Lots of changes, shows frequent DXers catch 88.1 La Primera as Santo Domingo when the website shows them as Santiago.... what a mess.

          105.1 #2 La Vega ads and electronic "Canal 105" ID at the end, probably mixing with "La Mega" Santo Domingo

          105.9 "Fiesta 105.7" ID new Indotel file shows them as Santo Domingo but this is a conflict with the primary 105.7 so I suspect 105.9 is probably around Santiago.

          106.1 "Disco 106" ID (Deesco Ciento Seis) HIEV Santo Domingo, DR

          106.5 #1 2 Dominicans mixing. Stronger is "Zol 106.5" with partial ID "Zol Cien.." at 00:37, gets clobbered
          "Zol 106.5" = HIRO Santo Domingo, DR

          106.7 "Laser 106.7" ID (Losser ciento seis punto siete, SS pronunciation can throw you off) = HIKT San Francisco de Macoris, DR

          106.9 is identical to 106.7 clip

          107.5 #1 ID "FM 107" at 00:12 (efey emey ciento siete) = HIFK La Romana, DR this is one I've heard give their call letters "HIFK La Romana" on the air.

          107.5 #2 there's no 107.5 in Puerto Rico, this is HIFK again with La Romana ads. The only 107.5 in DR

          107.7 Irie FM" ID's Saint Anne, Jamaica

          outstanding catches. Many of these stations are listed as only 1kw.
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          Randy KW4RZ Goldfield, Nevada DM17


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            8/9 FM Es SS etc UNID help

            Many thanks to Randy, Doug & Craig for spending time to help identify
            all those mostly Dominican Republic FM UNIDs!
            The 8/9 Es opening (including the TX/MX opening - which I posted a few UNIDs here under a separate thread for ID help), proved to be the most productive of this season with 43 new loggings (including 20 from the Caribbean). Of course there were many relogs along with them. I don't know how Randy can understand SS so well, even with Emisoras FM
            I couldn' t decipher the slogans very well. Sounds like Jim Thomas is going to have quite a task trying to update his Emisoras FM for Dominican Republic due to all the changes.

            Fred Nordquist
            Moncks Corner, SC


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              Three years ago I couldn't even recognize a top of the hour SS ID. Then I realized if I was going to be able to identify anything without help I was going to have to learn more Spanish than what I could remember from 2 classes in middle school. Like Jim Thomas told me, there are certain things you need to listen for. Getting the numbers and pronunciation of letters down good is the first step. There are web resources to help with that which I have some links to on my web pages. I've been saving station info and website links in a database for easy access and reference.
              If it weren't for recording most would just go right by but after all these years I'm finding certain accents and music formats are standing out too. It's getting easier every year.
              Randy KW4RZ Goldfield, Nevada DM17


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                Thanks Fred for all of the SS clips. It looks like we're getting a bit of a crew in the WTFDA that is figuring out the SS unidentified FM clips these days. I hope that the efforts of "Emisoras de FM" has been well worth it for dxers that regularly encounter fm dx from the Spanish speaking part of the world.

                I was going to listen to your clips and lend a hand, but it looks like you've already received some good assistance.
                Jim Thomas
                Springfield, MO EM37

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