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  • 6/12 Es unIDs

    Have two unIDs from the Es opening on 6/12 which included TX/OK/LA/AR.

    The first is on 96.9 at 1214 ET, regional Mexican music into talk. Based on where the Es was going at that point (Houston area), KNTE looks like a possibility, but I don't hear a definitive ID in the clip. Hoping maybe someone familiar with them might be able to hear something recognizable.

    The second was later on at 1345 on 98.5, "Real Country", using the ABC satellite format. KRXT Rockdale, TX is one I've found that uses that slogan, but that would have been more of a possibility earlier in the opening, as to this point the E-Skip was more in the Texoma region. Maybe someone with access can figure this one out?

    Thanks for any help in advance!
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    I'm almost positive the 96.9 is indeed KNTE Houston. At :28 there is a liner for "El Show De Don Cheto". This guy is apparently a Radio/TV personality under Liberman Broadcasting, which owns a small amount of TV and Radio stations, the only 96.9 is KNTE in Houston. has him under the TV column, but if you click to his site and click "Show" there is a mention of his radio show as well. Unfortunately the KNTE website is junk, with most pages blank, including the one that should list their DJs.

    I wish there was a list of Real Country affiliates out there, they are really a pain to track down, I can't be of much help here unfortunately.
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      Originally posted by KG6VSW View Post
      I wish there was a list of Real Country affiliates out there, they are really a pain to track down, I can't be of much help here unfortunately.
      This is the closest thing I can find to a *list*......
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        KRXT dropped Real Country 10/2005 per 100000watts.

        KACO-OK, which I had along with KVOO ( "Today's Country Variety" ) during that opening uses "Real Superstar Country".

        I see nothing else remotely close.
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          Thanks for the help guys. The program match definitely makes sense for KNTE, and KACO is located right where the skip was going at that time, so that makes sense also.