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FM Es SS UNIDs-7/28 & 7/29

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  • FM Es SS UNIDs-7/28 & 7/29

    Attached are some FM Spanish UNIDs needing ID help:
    The 7/28 clips were during Es opening to Texas/Mexico, and
    7/29 clips during Es opening to Texas/OK/KS/NM/MO/AR.

    Fred Nordquist
    Moncks Corner SC

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    91.1: at the end an ad for a religious meeting (nothing more)

    95.5: Ad for Grocery "La michoacana", the clip end just before their address

    101.3: Partial phone # ???171013 it's for a prize, ten passes to acuatic park

    107.1: Clear. "La que (or ke) buena ... yo se que te acordarás" ID + slogan

    107.5: "K 107" ID (not 100% sure) schlitterbahn acuatic park in Galveston and la Isla del Padre ad, also All American Chevrolet Car Dealer ad. (I think is the same acuatic park promoted on 101.3 clip !!

    90.1: no ID, but ad for "COMEX" Mexico paint store y "llantamaya reloj" a Goodyear seller
    Hey!! this match

    90.9: giving phone #'s 351 5238 - 351 6663 , then the phone of "Vidrios y aluminios Vasconcelos" 350 7721 no other clue.

    92.9: Yucatán FM (it's an IMER radio) 100kW (Full ID here)

    96.1: Ad for "double cheese burguer" mcdonalds for $1! no more clues

    Hope this help