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7/7 FM UNIDs - Cuba?

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  • 7/7 FM UNIDs - Cuba?

    Attached are a bunch of SS UNIDs needing ID help,
    which I believe are from Cuba.
    Wish there was a good list of Cuban FM Stations
    with a stable network assignment in Cuba, so that when
    you hear Radio Progresso or Radio Relog ticker, you know
    which stations they are. Oh well.

    Fred Norduist
    Moncks Corner, SC

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    I don't have all the answers, but here's a stab:

    103.1 is R Reloj
    97.3 unID but I believe the program is "Hecho en Cuba" (made in Cuba)
    99.1 no help here, because this was NNR (Noticiero Nacional de Radio), in which many Cuban stations join at 1pm to 1:30. Havana has CMBF R Musical, but I am not sure if they join the national net or not
    91.7 kinda like above. Havana has COCO/CMCK on 91.7, and I believe they do carry NNR, but then again, I wouldn't count it quite yet. This was NNR as well.
    90.1 no help on the clip, but I did hear R 26 on this freq. from the Keys 2 weeks ago
    First 97.5 sounds much like a CMBF station.. sez one is in Camaguey on 97.5
    96.7 is Reloj, likely Santa Clara
    97.5 is program "SOS Planeta"; Google leads me to R Taino (I heard Taino on 97.5 from the Keys recently as well)
    90.1 as above

    BTW as u may know, the info the Jim got from the Cuban authorities, well, let's just say that much is still a mystery. But then again, that's half the fun of this hobby.