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7/27 Es - SS UNIDs - OK/PR/DO

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  • 7/27 Es - SS UNIDs - OK/PR/DO

    Attached are mp3 files of UNID Spanish speaking stations,
    during an Es opening to TX/OK and PR/DO, which I need ID help.

    The 106.7 clip I think may be KTUZ-OK as Oklahoma City was in
    at the time.
    The others I think most may be PR stations, with some Dominican
    Republic stations at the end.

    Fred Nordquist
    Moncks Corner SC

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    7/27 Es - 1 more SS UNID

    Attached is the last of the FM SS UNIDs from the 7/27 Es
    opening to PR/DO - need ID help. Take your time on them, as
    there is a lot of clips to review. Thanks for your in process help,
    as a number of them already are being IDed.

    Fred Nordquist
    Moncks Corner SC


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      some clues:
      106.7: I can't hear exactly the ID, sound like (la zeta ve) or somenthing like. There is a greeting for the

      listeners in "Aguascalientes y ????"

      92.3: around 0:07 " aquí en la zona" maybe the ID

      96.1 no clues

      96.5: talk about "negociación con Estados Unidos" about three choices? no more..

      97.7: takl about "El arte del regateo" (the art of ask for lower prices in any store !! ) no clues

      91.7: PR indeed,according to the talk, but not traces of any ID

      101.5: La equis (La X) Clear ID and website

      102.9: ID: "WVJP Cagua San Juan, WDIN .......103.3, 102.9 Dimensión 103" The DJ: Angel "La Flama" Rivera

      103.9: Around 00:36 "...Para Chavón FM la más musical e informativa, les informó ..??? Polanco"

      104.1 ID: "Redentor 104 FM" Web:

      107.5: an ID but not readable: "???LFK FM 107.5"

      97.3: ID around 00:08: "Expreso 97" Could be the name of the program or the station.

      90.1: ID at the begining "Primor 90.1 FM" an stationf of "Radio Cadena Hispanoamericana"

      91.7: Just an ad for Lotería Naciona" and a TV reality show on "Antena Latina" invitation form "Crisol" in this one??

      92.9: Christian Talk no clue

      96.5: Clear ID: "Ritmo 96"


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        On the 107.5 I hear "HIFK FM 107" which is La Romana, DR. I've heard them a few times myself with call letters but for some reason Emisoras de FM has it listed different.
        I'll see if I can help with some of the others when I have time.
        Randy KW4RZ Goldfield, Nevada DM17


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          Originally posted by Humberto View Post
          103.9: Around 00:36 "...Para Chavón FM la más musical e informativa, les informó ..??? Polanco"

          which is the La Romana listing with a new slogan.

          And I am not sure why Indotel showed La Romana on 107.5 as HILO on their most recent document - checking their documents from a few years ago shows they were HIFK. That surely must be a typo on their part.
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