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  • 7/5 Es SS unIDs

    Back on the evening of 7/5 there was good opening to the Caribbean here, with a few stations from Puerto Rico in. I'm behind in my recorded audio but here are a couple unIDs from the opening....the first is on 89.7. There are two stations is obviously WRTU San Juan with a "Radio Universidad" ID later in the clip, but there is a second one in the mix that sounds like it might ID right at the beginning of the clip. In addition to PR, DR is possible, but I don't hear any mention of "CDN La Radio" which I've had here before (HION Santiago). Perhaps an unlisted PR station.

    The second probably doesn't have much to ID but is what sounds like a play or soap opera in SS on 99.9. At the very end of the clip there is a brief fade-up of what sounds like romantica music.

    The third is on 101.7 with what sounds like "Romance FM" to me, so likely HIAX Puerto Plata DR, but just want to confirm what I'm hearing.

    As always, any help is greatly appreciated!

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    The only 99.9 SS within 500 miles of me is Radio Cadena Habana in Cuba, and the texture would not surprise me, hearing it here.

    The 89.7 I hear "Radio Moda" which is CDN in D.R. per ....also at 1:09 "desde el interior", an 809 area code, which is D.R.

    101.7 indeed is "Romance FM" at :11.



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      Hi Nick,

      The numbers at the end of the 89.7 clip match CDN La Radio's numbers. See:



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        99.9 sounds like Cuba. I've previously heard this one although I have a lot less problem with WODE, being further away.

        Congratulations on a couple of new DR stations ! Very nice catches.
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