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FM UNID's from 8Aug2011

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  • FM UNID's from 8Aug2011

    Had a pretty good Es opening today to Central America and MX I believe and as usual I need help seeing if these audio clips might have ID's. There are a few clear ID's in some of these, I believe, but think most might be call in show's, ad's and other talk.
    I usually edit my audio files to include what I think might be ID's or hint's of ID's, these are pretty much unedited because of other stations fading in and out that might be IDable.
    So, if anyone has some time, any help is much needed and greatly appreciated.

    Craig Cook WDX4CWC
    Oviedo, FL EL98jq
    Sangean HDT-1
    APS-9 at 25'

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    Nice DX Craig. I recognize a few of these.

    The 2035z 92.9 has a clear ID at 00:15 "HRN" which is La Voz de Honduras news/ talk network and this is the primary station HRNN in Tegucigalpa

    93.9 3:06pm is YNF3RT Radio Tigre Managua, Nicaragua at the beginning there is a Nicaragua mention. They have a distinct distortion in their audio as noted when the music starts. I get them often, were in and out here today for over 2 hours this afternoon.

    93.5 4:00pm must be the ID you mentioned. It is a top of the hour ID for Radio Monumental San Jose, Costa Rica. They even announce call letters "TIRM" another station comes in after someone else might be able to ID.

    91.9 has a mention "Radio Honduras" or something of the sort right at the beginning. This sounds like Radio Internacional HRQO or "Inter 92" as they usually ID. but could be one of the other Hondurans. Maybe Jon can decode more.
    Randy KW4RZ Goldfield, Nevada DM17


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      Thanks Randy your help and input is always appreciated. Good DX, Craig.


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        91.9 has an ad for a Honduran store that sells products for renewable energy. "...edifique a los verdaderos expertos en energĂ­a solar de Honduras" is said at the beginning of the clip.