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FM UNID's from 8Aug2011 pt3

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  • FM UNID's from 8Aug2011 pt3

    Here's the rest of my audio file's from today that were bigger than the 3mb max. Sorry by the way if some of these files are of the same station, Es were swapping in and out it was hard to keep up with who was who.
    Again, thanks for any help.

    Had a pretty good Es opening today to Central America and MX I believe and as usual I need help seeing if these audio clips might have ID's. There are a few clear ID's in some of these, I believe, but think most might be call in show's, ad's and other talk.
    I usually edit my audio files to include what I think might be ID's or hint's of ID's, these are pretty much unedited because of other stations fading in and out that might be IDable.
    So, if anyone has some time, any help is much needed and greatly appreciated.

    Craig Cook WDX4CWC
    Oviedo, FL EL98jq
    Sangean HDT-1
    APS-9 at 25' "

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    Quite a bunch from El Salvador....
    91.7 for one, with an ad form XVI Juegos Deportivos Estudiantiles Centroamericanos, and "2da. emisión informativa" at 12:30 local time, Serafín Valencia? at the mike
    92.7 should be El Salvador also, political speech in the b cut refers to Coatepeque which is in that country,
    92.9, two stations, an unid relgious station and another one where Banco de los Trabajadores and Choluteca are mentioned, so this could be Honduras
    93.9 is Nicaragua, probably Managua, judging from various local ads, on for Centro recreativo El Gran Lago. Annct heard, just "93.9 FM"
    102.3, two stations, both religious; two Guatemalans suspected, Radio Maya and Presencia Radio. Program "Exaltando a Jesús" mentions a letter from Ingrid Mateo at Campo Seco


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      Thanks again for taking the time to listen to all these file's and providing ID help Henrik. Craig