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  • Perseids unIDs

    Meteor Scatter unIDs from Burnt River ON - all thoughts appreciated!

    Clip 1) 97.9 "FM in Briarwood" KFNW Fargo?

    Clip 2) 106.7 "Franklin Town Centre in Brownsburg" ?

    Clip 3) 106.1 Spanish

    Clip 4) 107.3 Baseball talk - anyone recognize the announcer?

    Clip 5) 107.3 Player name sounding like Pershing a player in baseball game.

    Clip 6) 89.5 "The Classic IQ...89.5"

    Clip 7) 107.3 GB Shoe Warehouse.

    With thanks to anyone who listens or comments,

    Saul Chernos
    Saul Chernos
    Burnt River ON

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    The only one I have any input on is the 106.7. I THOUGHT I heard "Franklin County, Texas in Brown Spring" but I don't see anything like a Brown Spring near Franklin County Texas!


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      107.3 if it's any help: I caught WBBL in MI w/ Tigers baseball last month, and he did say Tigers-Orioles here. Either network makes it short MS.



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        Thanks. Crossed my mind that the 107.3 baseball stations could be tropo fade-ups of WBBL, which mixes with other semi-regulars here. I don't think the Tigers-Oriolies reference was local, though.

        I don't hear the Texas partt, but can hear Franklin County if I try hard enough.

        Guess these unIDs are scraping the bottom of the proverbial DX barrel. But I don't give up easily...


        Saul Chernos
        Burnt River ON