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May 9 SS Es UNIDs on 88.1 w/92.1 ID

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  • May 9 SS Es UNIDs on 88.1 w/92.1 ID

    On May 9 at 17:31 CT, I heard several minutes of regional Mexican music and brief talk on 88.1. First, the song "Madrecita" by Zulmy Mejia plays. Then Spanish-language talk takes over for about 30 seconds (first recording below). After a fade of a few minutes, "Madrecita" returns.

    After another fade, "El Inmigrante" by Calibre 50 fades in followed by "Como Es Posible" by Loz Telez. In the middle of that song, an ID breaks through that sounds like "…momente 92.1" (second recording below). The stations faded for good shortly after that.

    The regional Mexican music format matches XHRE in Celaya, but the 92.1 ID is a puzzler. I can't find any Mexico stations simulcasting on that frequency and 88.1

    Thanks for the ID help.


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    Sounds like "92 101" to me, not 92.1. Maybe part of a phone number. But there's just too little to work with.
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      Thanks for listening, Raymie. I figured IDing wouldn't be too likely with there hardly being any verbiage at all.