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French from Quebec & either FL pirate or Haiti

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  • French from Quebec & either FL pirate or Haiti

    These four unIDs from 2015 are in French, and while my French isn't bad, ce n'est pas merveilleux. The date and times below match those on the clip label. Any leads are appreciated!

    98.3 Au 19DC15 1155 = I have a few clips of this, but it's pretty muffled. If you ever wanted to know what Auroral DX sounds like, this is classic. My bet is on Rimouski.

    98.3 Ms 15AG15 0533 = There's some pretty strong signalled talk here in this meteor burst.

    98.3 Ms 12AG15 1247 = Possible ID in this Ms burst with mention of Radio (or Radio Radio)

    105.3 Es 29JN15 2049 = At about 25 seconds there's some French talk with definite Haitian accent. The station mixing in here is WBFZ AL Selma, with an ad for Taylor's Internal Medicine in Selma. I'm leaving it in mainly because it's a fun skip ad and may indicate a middle point if there is double hop going on. The French lasts just briefly and doesn't return. My hunch is a Florida pirate. But curious for input from anyone who speaks French, or is familiar with the FL pirate scene or familiar with Haitian FM.

    Even if there's nothing IDable in these clips, I'd love to know.

    Merci beaucoup!

    Saul Chernos / Burnt River ON
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    Saul Chernos
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