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Spanish UNID's from Es 27May2020

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  • Spanish UNID's from Es 27May2020

    Had around an hour+ opening to the Guatemala area around 1500-1600utc. Have a few UNID's.
    Thanks for any help in IDing these clips.

    Craig Cook
    Oviedo, FL

    I believe this is 91.3 TGUH, per web search now called Radio Santa Eulalia
    91.3 Santa Eulalia 1526 27may2020.mp3

    88.7a 1507z 27may2020.mp3
    88.7b 1507z 27may2020.mp3
    89.5a 1500z 27May2020.mp3
    89.5b 1500z 27May2020.mp3
    89.5b 1512z 27may2020.mp3

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    Hi Craig,

    You are correct about 91.3 being TGUH. There are multiple "Radio Santa Eulalia" mentions in the Mam-Spanish mix.

    The 88.7b clip is TGIZ in Sololá, Guatemala. The host mentions listeners in "San Pedro de Laguna" at 00:10 and in "Cerro de Oro" at 00:47.

    The 89.5a clip has "Radio Binnizá" at 00:01 and "Juchitán" at 00:10. See:

    One of the stations in the 89.5b 1500 clip is XHFTI in Fortín de las Flores, Veracruz. Piedras Negras, Tequila and Córdoba are mentioned.

    The dominant station in the 89.5b 1512 clip is also Radio Binnizá (said at 00:12).



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      Many thanks Jon for Iding these clips. Don't see Radio Binniza in the db and you didn't list any call letters, so I'm guessing a pirate?


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        That would be my guess. I couldn't find any calls doing a Google search. Maybe Raymie and/or Jim Thomas could confirm?


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          Most definitely a pirate. This region has them in spades and several other pirates in the Istmo have been on the unID block this year.
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