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Two weird 98.3 unIDs, presume Es

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  • Two weird 98.3 unIDs, presume Es

    Two totally weird unIDs - or so they seem. Fifty minutes apart on May 30 sandwiched in the 'quiet time' between two Es openings. Both from the same recording of 98.3:

    KIss ID with CHR type music. Seemed like an Es fade-up. at 1810 not long after KS-TX-OK had faded away.

    An ad for what sounbds like Sun Automotive Springfield, which checks to Oregon if I have the name of the business correct. This at 1814. I was aimed west but that did not stop a rock solid WUIN NC from coming in about ten minutes later to start a huge productive run from NC-SC-FL-AL and finally MS.

    Oregon? Really? Nothing of normal power terribly close to Springfield OR, and that would be decidedly double-hop. Kiss could be Winchester VA but that, too, is very close for Es, though I guess feasible. Others near here had VA a little bit later, but COASTAL VA, not the Winchester area...

    I can't rule out tropo scatter if something makes particular sense...

    Clips attached. Any leads are appreciated.

    Saul / Burnt River ON

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    Saul Chernos
    Burnt River ON

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    On the clip for the car dealer, I heard "Southern Motors Springfield".... with WGCO 98.3 Midway/SAvannah,GA... Springfield is just NW of SAvannah. This seems much much more likely then Oregon. He says the word "southern" quickly, hes not saying "Sun"....... and i got that from only reading your post once and not even reading it while listening.. im like wait "what i just heard doesnt match what Saul typed"

    I hear no kiss id at all in the other clip, just music.. so this could be anything, no way to ID it but likely WGCO again


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      I hear the Kiss DJ ID now..

      I wonder if your 98.3 thats Kiss is Tropo scatter, WKSI in the winchester, VA market?