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Spanish-Mexican FM uniD 96.7

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  • Spanish-Mexican FM uniD 96.7

    On June 18th a bit before noon I caught the attached Spanish station on 96.7 from here in Poughkeepsie. I was on the fringes of an Es opening, and have ID'd a few stations from the Texas-Louisiana area. The attached audio is both weak and noisy... hard to make it out. (This likely due to a combination of a local on 96.9, my strongest locals on 96.1 and 97.3, other local on 97.7.... a busy part of the dial here, plus possible IBOC from WTIC-96.5 off the back.) The clip is a kind of long, and most likely ID material is right near beginning. I've edited out the least intelligible part, and included a sample of the music at the end. Any help IDing this station will be most welcome. 96.7 unID SS edit.mp3 Thanks.
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    "La Invasora 96.7 y 107.9." KOYE.
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