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UNID 88.7 Spanish 13July2020

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  • UNID 88.7 Spanish 13July2020

    Had a short opening to GUT and SLV today around 2130. Caught this clip, 88.7 Unid 2140 13July2020.mp3 think there's an Id at the start and the girl is from a different station.
    Thanks in advance for any help in Iding this clip.

    Craig Cook
    Oviedo, FL

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    "la isla, Manuel Bonilla... Este fue El Clásico en FM Vida, éxito musical del pasado que sigue siendo..." There's an FM Vida in San Luis Jilotepeque Jalapa, Guatemala.

    The woman is speaking something that isn't Spanish but has Spanish words peppered in it, especially "Dios", "hermano" and "hermana". It's gotta be Maya or some indigenous language, and it's gotta be Christian.
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      Much thanks Raymie for your help. Interesting catches.