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  • Perseus Ms unIDs

    A few unIDs from the Perseus shower. Clips attached and any leads are appreciated. with thanks.

    92.5 "Something (?) 92.5 Turn it up" Does this sound familiar to anyone? Could it be WXTU Philly? Aug 11

    92.5 "The Atlanta / Atlantic Radio Group & PD? Automotive" Aug 11

    92.5 Long burst has news item re local schools with national angle (Edawa/Ottawa/Onawa?) Aug 12

    93.3 "Stutson/Hudson County Courthouse" Aug 12

    98.5 "With 98-5 Max Music" (Mix?) Aug 6

    104.3 "720 Hwy 9 in Heerson/Harrison" - Harrison AR does not seem to have a Hwy 9. Aug 6

    With thanks, again, for any thoughts on these...

    Saul @ Burnt River ON
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    Saul Chernos
    Burnt River ON

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    92.5 Atlanta Radio group clip, im not not hearing Atlanta Radio.. im hearing what sounds like "Salina"... it sounds like it ends in NA... and it sounds like PeeDee automtoive

    There's a Stutson County in ND home to 93.3 KSJZ


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      92.5 Atlanta RG clip. I'm hearing Urbana Radio Group and PDR Automotive. Google has one listing for PDR Automotive and it's in Urbana. IL. WREE
      92.5 Edawa clip. Several mentions of Cherokee County. There is an Etowah High School in Cherokee County, GA but no 92.5 listed in the area. So maybe
      a news clip from a different area.
      93.3 "Rediscover the newly renovated downtown........and Stutsman County Courthouse" in ND. Agree with Paul, Google says courthouse was recently renovated there. KSJZ
      98.5 All I hear is "with 98.5 max......"
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        Craig and Paul, thank you for listening.

        Craig, your pointer for Urbana Radio Group was helpful but in an unexpected way. It's actually Illini Radio Group ... I found that when I googled 'Urbana Radio group' and '92.5' - and I can hear that thanks to knowing of the option and listening a few times at reduced speed. Same station, but Illini instead of Urbana. It's a Ms relog so not new, but welcome nevertheless.

        Craig, Edawa/Etowah ... bears further listening. Ottawa also comes to mind. Pronunciations can vary regionally.

        Paul and Craig, Stutsman / KSJZ most certainly. Relog.

        Craig, 98.5 Max ... quite possibly not a slogan, quite possibly anything IDable was missed by the meteor pixie dust...

        Thank you, both, for these leads!
        Saul Chernos
        Burnt River ON