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  • French-language FM unIDs

    Some meteor scatter audio clips attached, with French and where I am uncertain about IDing. Any leads are appreciated.

    92.5 = Two French stations here. One sounds like CBC Radio Canada and is almost surely Havre St. Pierre (which would be a relog). The other is French language country music. Anyone know which Quebec 92.5 might air this?

    98.9 = A bit weird here - it's possible this is an English ID as Kiss 98.9. But there's something about it that sounds like French.

    101.9 = This could be CHIP fort Coulonge QC, but it also sounds more like meteor scatter than troposcatter, and CHIP is pretty close by. Anything IDable or recognizable here?

    102.7 = I hear Energie twice. I think this is an ID as part of an iHeart Radio promo. It would be CJMV Val d'Or QC if so. The signal was in and out very suddenly. This indicates meteor scatter rather than troposcatter, though CJMV happens to generally be a semi-regular TrS fade-in. Any IDable context in the language around the possible ID? Val d'Or is awful close for Ms, but close distances like this do happen (I've also had Timmins ON, Detroit, etc).

    105.3 = I think this is Matane QC. It's an ad. But I haven't ruled out CHRD Drummondville. I'm not sure the ad is local; I'm more hopeful someone recognizes the voice.

    104.7 = Two clips from roughly the same time, both apparent Ms. I think this is CFLO Mont Laurier but it could be CKOF Gatineau, which is near Ottawa. I think they're the same voice. Any opinions?

    Any leads or opinions would be most welcome.

    Saul Chernos
    Burnt River
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    Saul Chernos
    Burnt River ON

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    Hi Saul,

    102.7 has, in addition to "Energie" at 00:08, "Martin Tremblay vous offre les plus gros classiques" at 00:10 & "d`es 9 heures. Une station iHeartRadio".at 00:13. Martin is a radio host on Energie, so it's definitely CJMV.

    As for the 92.5, CKAJ has country programs in their schedule. See: However, there are also low-powered community stations in QC, NB & NS that have French-language country programming.



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      Thanks, Jon. Interestingly, I had the 92.5 at the same time as the French burst on 105.3. Dec 14 at 18:30 EST. I listened a bit to CKAJ online and the music sounds munch like what I recorded. I'm going to try tuning into CKAJ online at the same time of day the week/day/time in the schedule and see if it matches. And investigate the various options.

      Saul Chernos
      Burnt River ON