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Big opening Mexico Jan 5

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  • Big opening Mexico Jan 5

    DX overload. 3 hour opening to Mexico and Texas with an SDR and 6 element yagi with a wide open band from rural Nevada.
    So far there has been several IDs from very long distances 1400-1553 miles Jalisco, Colima, Queretaro. 90.7 appears to be quite vacant for most of the skip zone of the opening other than Guadalajara which is surely the Dire Straits song in the beginning of this clip. Several other IDs from there earlier. At about 33 seconds in sounds like "La Poderosa" pretty clear to me and another set of ears. In a search, the only 90.7 La Poderosa that comes up is 6kw XHRTP San Martin Texmelucan, Puebla at 1702 miles. Also if it can be confirmed that the second song in the clip is for sure this station it decoded a PI of 0001. There are other unidentified signals I'll share in another post. Thanks for efforts in deciphering!
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    Randy KW4RZ Goldfield, Nevada DM17

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    Hi Randy,

    I definitely hear "La Poderosa - la estacio'n ma's sabrosa" (I have to use apostrophes since I am no longer able to write acentos agudos on the forums) at 00:35 in the mix of stations. XHRTP is the only station I have found on Google.



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      Thanks Jon. I'm going to keep probing for more Puebla stations. So far no luck, and not that far off from the 100kw masses of Mexico City stations hence the skepticism on this one. If I'm feeling civilized I'll use the keyboard alt character codes to type the acentos characters but have to look each one up. Thank you and Happy 2021!
      Randy KW4RZ Goldfield, Nevada DM17


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        Glad to help, and Happy New Year to you as well.


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          XHRTP is the only La Poderosa on this frequency, but this slogan seems to lead to XHFA, doubly weird given that "89.3 on 90.5" catch...
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            Sometimes when recording 10 MHz of the FM band with the Airspy and SDR Console software, the first and last one and occasionally 2nd frequencies of the recording can get signals from adjacent channels or from the opposite end of the spread. It can be tricky and have to always consider that when listened to signals on the edges. But the recording edge for this started at 90 so 90.5 and especially 90.7 should have been well clear of this. Starting to wonder if perhaps XHFA was strong enough on 89.3 to generate false images. Local 150 watt 89.1 does just that. And an image from them occupied 90.9 during this recording.
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            Randy KW4RZ Goldfield, Nevada DM17