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UNIDs from monster 6/16/21 Es opening to (mostly) CA and the Southwest

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  • UNIDs from monster 6/16/21 Es opening to (mostly) CA and the Southwest

    Y'all are gonna have a field day with these UNIDs. Hopefully, new stuff mixed in. Already have (I think) 23 new stations from this event including a 65-watt full-power (low-power record!), and three translators at 99W, 110W, and 250W respectfully.

    96.9 UNID Spanish, California was all over the band at this point. I hear a mention of Coca-Cola and a male/female DJ team yapping on about something. NOTE: KZTA is on very low power and cannot be heard in Ellensburg right now. -

    96.9 Two UNIDs at the same time. I wish the SS was stronger, but it got dominated by this station with the Stanley Cup. Many San Diego stations were in at excellent strength at this point, along with Inland Empire and even XHMIX-98.3 near Mexicali. -

    99.9 UNID Spanish station was playing a song by Grupo Indio from the '70s, then had a bunch of chatter. I do hear an ID and a 'nueve nueve punto nueve' so hopefully this can be IDed. Presumed Yuma AZ. -

    103.9 UNID Spanish AND English ads, concert in Los Angeles, Macy's. I'm thinking this was KBDS Taft (not needed) but does Recuerdo (KRCD) in Los Angeles run English ads sometimes? -

    98.9 - 'Mercedes Boy' by Pebbles fades and I hear some type of sweeper before it drops. Hoping I can confirm KHHT Mettler/Bakersfield -

    94.1 - Only stations at the time were 88.7 classical and 90.5 religion, and this one. Country, mentions home of the Blue Jays...thinking unneeded KDNS Downs KS -

    96.7 - Spanish. Anything you can ID? Likely Santa Ana, still needed -

    100.5 - UNID Spanish station, maybe KMQA East Porterville (not needed) -

    89.3 - Is this KPCC Pasadena or KCRI Indio mixed with KRSF? -
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    #1: They're yapping about... Coca-Cola. And then apparently about what Cristiano Ronaldo drinks (after an incident at Euro 2020 where he cleared a Coca-Cola prop from a press conference). Nothing to ID here. This is just banter from a talk show.

    #2: _4 742 40 58_ There is a Western Heights Iglesia de Cristo at 214 742 4058 in Dallas. But I can't figure out what station this is.

    #3: Radio Sin Fronteras 99.9 — KYMZ Somerton AZ. Community station that's fairly recent to air having come on in 2018.

    #4: You're in about as much luck as possible, because the concert ad literally says "Recuerdo 103.9 y 98.9 tienen tus boletos". They've got your tickets indeed!

    #5: Nothing here.

    #6: "The St. John's ??? and Blue Jays play here!" This doesn't seem like Downs... There is a St. John's HS with Blue Jays as the mascot, in Delphos, Ohio, which doesn't have a 94.1.

    #7: Nothing here. Sounds religious.

    #8: "Celebra 25 a?os con Eagle Mountain Casino". KMQA.

    #9: Station airs Fresh Air and On Point, apparently back to back. This matches KPCC.
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      #6 ... The St. John's ??? Blue Jays. I've pretty well exhausted Google search on this one. I subtracted St. John's Newfoundland, which has a team called the Blue Jays (I think it's in the Toronto system). The middle word is certainly not clear Fifth? Pittston also occurred to me. Is it one long team name or two teams playing a game - I'm not sure. I considered something like St. John the Baptist (IMO the middle word(s) doesn't (don't) sound even remotely close to "the Baptist"). CIMG 94.1 in SK Swift Current likely carries the Toronto Blue Jays, FWIW. Not listed in the official list but I found a convincing online reference... but I am not saying that's what you heard. In fact no evidence whatsoever points to CIMG. I'm stumped...
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        Thanks, Raymie for confirming three more NEW stations! KYMZ, KRCD, and KPCC. This puts the new loggings up to 26 for this opening. But wow, was that 103.9 confusing...I have heard Taft CA with English commercials and KRCD is completely Spanish, and here they are running a Macy's commercial in English. This would baffle any DXer.
        KMQA is a relog from 2017. They used to be La Maquina Musical, // KMNA, KRCW, but only the two in WA remain (KRCW switched over to La Maquina from La Campesina a couple of years ago).

        Saul, this isn't CIMG whatsoever. There isn't a Blue Jays or something similar HS team in central Kansas whatsoever? Or could this be double-hop instead of KDNS? Kyle in Moses Lake had WBVM about 15 minutes before this 94.1 popped in. There is a St. John, Kansas, but it's over 100 miles off the KDNS grade A coverage area. There isn't anything similar in Beloit, Glen Elder, or Smith Center area?

        I'm really betting that 96.9 with the church mention is an LPFM (maybe even a pirate) down in the SoCal area. San Diego area? Or way out in the IE? Too much IBOC hash to really have luck in LA next to 97.1 NOW.
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          The St. John KS school mascot is the Tigers. There is a St. Johns in New York but they are the Red Storm. I checked with KNEB Scottsbluff NE program director because they have been running collegiate and Legion baseball tournaments. He says it's not them, because they had a female dj on during the reported skip (they had other DXers contact them also). I sent a copy of the clip to him so he could also listen to it. The name mentioned is said as "the Saint Johns (?) Bluejays play here..." and it fades. The question mark is distinctly another name (not 'and'). I just can't make out that name.
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            I am 80% sure it's KDNS Downs KS. They have an email inquiry form on their webpage and I will ask them. I have heard them but not often, and Kyle had them 60 mi E of me in Moses Lake.
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              #6 is KDNS. They mention the St John's/Tipton Blue Jays which appears to be in nearby Beloit, KS

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                Confirmed. Thank you spunker88. I was hoping to hear 105.5 KVSV and their standards format (no webstream), but did not get them.
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