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Help Identifying Classic Hits/Classic Rock/Oldies Station On 88.1

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  • Help Identifying Classic Hits/Classic Rock/Oldies Station On 88.1

    Just before sunset at around 8:00 PM CDT on Friday July 23rd a station on 88.1 playing the song "Angel Of The Morning" came over my local WAY-FM station WAYH. At the time rabbit ears was showing a Nevada TV station being picked up in Missouri. I am trying to track down the station I heard only with that little bit of information, unfortunately it didn't stay in long enough for any sort of ID. I have contacted KBTL "88.1 The Grizz" as searching the WTFDA database it seemed like the most likely possibility, but if I don't hear back from them, I need any help I can get to figure out what I heard.

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    I went back through my videos and I also had a Christian Contemporary station briefly at the same time on 91.5. It would make sense if that was KSNS and the 88.1 was KBTL, I will contact KSNS as well in the meantime, but I would like any help I can get.


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      I am very perplexed and now really need help. I spoke with both KBTL and KSNS today, learning completely different things from both of them. KSNS confirmed the station liner clip in my recording is part of one of theirs, and announced my reception of them during their morning show today! Meanwhile KBTL insists they did not play "Angel Of The Morning" on Friday night.

      Could anyone help me make sense of what my 88.1 could have been? I now have confirmation my 91.5 was KSNS.