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Attached in the WTFDA Forums are some recordings needing ID help.

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  • Attached in the WTFDA Forums are some recordings needing ID help.

    Attached in the WTFDA Forums are some recordings
    needing ID help.

    6/15/21 Es UNIDs OK/TX area
    95.7 EE SID garbled ?
    104.7 SS KQMJ?
    107.1 SS KESS or KLZT ?

    6/15/21 Es UNID Western NY area
    90.7 WLGU?

    6/22/21 Es UNIDs - Yucatan area
    100.3 SS XHQUE?
    101.5 SS XHYK?
    101.9 SS XHCBT?

    6/27/21 Es UNID KS/CO area
    101.1 EE ID ?

    6/28/21 Es UNID Maritimes
    99.9 FFc SID ?

    7/22/21 Es Mexico City area
    93.7 SS ?

    I also have 33 recordings (mostly SS) from the
    7/13/21 monster Es opening that I will post in the near future.

    Fred Nordquist
    Moncks Corner SC FM03af

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    Attached in the WTFDA Forums are some recordings needing ID help (continued)
    Fred Nordquist

    Moncks Corner SC FM03af

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      90.7 mentions Hamburg, NY which is a suburb of Buffalo, so I think WLGU Lancaster, NY would be it as Hamburg would be within its coverage area. Also that French station at the end of the clip might be CBOF from Ottawa.
      95.7 is KLKL Minden, LA. It says "the river's greatest hits, the river 95.7" which matches the branding and slogan of that station.
      101.1 mentions the call letters KVRO which is in Stillwater, OK
      99.9 may be CHOY Moncton, NB, since it sounds like they are saying Choix FM but I don't know enough French to confirm.
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        104.7 - KTXC Lamesa Texas "La Ley 104.7"
        107.1 - concert promo sounded like announcer was starting to say date at end of clip.
        100.3 - XHMI San Francisco de Campeche CAMP "Exa FM 100.3"
        101.9 - XHCAM San Francisco de Campeche CAMP "Kiss FM"

        99.9 - CHOY-FM Moncton NB - Spunker is correct "Choix FM" is the slogan said at 00:16 in clip

        101.5 - XHYK Conkal YUC "Shake 101.5" (phonetic pronounciation for XHYK).

        93.7 - XEJP Cd. de Mexico "Joya"
        Jim Thomas
        Springfield, MO EM37

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          Native French speaker here.

          The 99.9 clip has "les hits au 99-9" at 00:01 and "CHOY 99-9 FM, Choix 99-9, [L'Acadie] Country" at 00:09.



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            99.9: "Les hits au quatre vingt dix neuf neuf (99-9) Ceh Ash Oh E-grec (CHOY, Y being Y-greek) 99-9 FM Choix" So you got calls in there to anchor your slogan. Nice!

            90.7: WGL part of the calls are very much there to confirm your catch as suspected. The French at the end is definitely CBC referring to Canadian federal government minister M?lanie Joly. So CBC French for sure.
            Saul Chernos
            Burnt River ON


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              Many thanks guys for the UNID help..It resulted in 5 new loggings

              Fred Nordquist
              Moncks Corner SC FM03af


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                Sidebar: the name for XHYK is "Xe'ek", which is a Mayan word.

                The 107.1 concert is in AT&T Stadium so it has to be KESS-FM.
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