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Need help with short Spanish clip of 91.3 from 06Aug2021

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  • Need help with short Spanish clip of 91.3 from 06Aug2021

    Had a short Es opening of in and out Es, got a short clip, don't think there's an ID but maybe something is there.
    Also before recording starts, was hearing Spanish with an English91.3 SS 1656z 6Aug2021 .mp3

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    Surprise, it's...Mexico!

    The ad for the "Barat?n Del Sol" (with "barat?n" being a mix of "Cheap" and "Marathon") sales event turned up one hit from XEEW-AM.

    I suspect XHMLS but can't confirm.
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      Thank you very much Raymie. Just realized part of the last sentence was cut off, should ave said, ... with an English slogan in it of 'We Play The Hits'.


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        The English 'hits' bit that you describe in your Logger entry suggests it would indeed sound like Matamoras. They get out well (heard here a couple times) and seems like what they'd do. Once got an RDS Exitos hit on a Sangean portable.
        Saul Chernos
        Burnt River ON


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          Thanks Saul, good to know for future ID clue.