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7/13/21 FM SS UNID - PR - ID help needed.

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  • 7/13/21 FM SS UNID - PR - ID help needed.

    On 7/13/21 I logged a Puerto Rico FM station on 101.1 with the following
    RDS info:

    PI 64F6 - ‘WGEO’
    PS Faro de Santidad
    PTY Religious Talk

    per Google – their web site is
    which lists their radio stations. Their station studios may in
    in Rio Grande. Another radio station is very near to
    Faro de Santidad - AM 1350–WGIT.
    Once the FM station call letters are located,
    should this be added to the WTFDA DB?
    Attached is an audio recording of this UNID.

    Attached Files

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    The ID is in the clip...this is W266CF San Juan, PR
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      The PI code matches to the calls WGEO, which are from WGEO-LP Georgetown, SC on 105.7. The translator in PR is likely using that erroneously - or they may not even be aware of it.
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        ^ Sometimes I wonder, with all those bogus codes, if it’s worth getting an SDR at all. I know it should be, but I don’t like being faked out.

        Anyway, Faro de Santidad on AM is a big one among DXers, as they’re in the X band at 1660. I heard it recently on an SDR in Namibia, West Africa!