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FM E-skip FFc UNIDs - Jul 14, 2021

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  • FM E-skip FFc UNIDs - Jul 14, 2021

    FM E-skip FFc UNIDs - Jul 14, 2021

    Need ID help on some Canadian FFC UNIDs - files attached.

    14-Jul-2021 09h11m25s, 89.5 MHz, FFC (call-in talk)
    14-Jul-2021 09h15m34s, 102.3 MHz, FFC (call-in talk - likely CBAF-FM-1?
    14-Jul-2021 09h31m34s, 106.7 MHz, FFC (call-in talk)
    14-Jul-2021 09h13m57s, 103.7 MHz, FFC (likely CIEL?)
    14-Jul-2021 09h02m47s, 87.9 MHz, FFC (pirate? Slogan heard)
    14-Jul-2021 09h09m17s, 88.1 MHz, FFC

    Fred Nordquist
    Moncks Corner SC FM03af
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    Hi Fred,

    87.9 has "Vous ecoutez 87.9 Radio Haiti FM" at 00:19, "" at 00:27 and "(774) 776-8032" at 00:32. It's a Boston-area Haitian pirate.

    89.5 sounds like ICI Premiere with talk about French politics. It's likely CJBR-1 in Riviere-du-Loup, QC.

    102.3 is a continuation of your 89.5. That would be CBAF-1 in St. John, NB.



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      103.7 is definitely French Cdn, talk re hockey, cards, and two references to a nameless (far as I can tell) person from Saguenay. My strong hunch is Riviere de Loup and that these are the regular announcers bantering (which means you could listen online at the same time and day of the week) to check.

      106.7 - Mention of Fran?ois LeClerc (Leclerc) and his employees. French Cdn for sure.

      88.1 talk re book and film with arts related topic. Seems CBC-ish.

      Saul Chernos
      Burnt River ON


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        Thanks for the reviews of these FF UNIDs.
        The Haitian pirate is a new logging, while CJBR-1 & CBAF-1 are relogs.

        I have some other FFc UNIDs via E-skip this past summer that I may post
        for ID help.

        Fred Nordquist
        Moncks Corner SC FM03af