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Spanish language FM unIDs - likely US

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  • Spanish language FM unIDs - likely US

    Some Spanish-language unIDs from this summer’s wonderful skip season. Any leads are appreciated, with thanks!

    87.75 - May 30 1540 EDT - Que Buena ID, mention of (I think) 101.9. Is this WTBS or WAZX? Are these the same station?

    90.5 - June 6 Es 1920 EDT - Radio Libertad - This could be Liberal Kansas but that was well outside my main skip zone, which was AL-MS-LA-East TX.

    91.9 - July 10 1013 EDT - Spanish sounds like drama. Skip zone LA RX AR TN OK CO KS NE.

    91.9 - May 29 1856 EDT - Spanish, possible ID from outset “Las Novidades Musicales … Musica”. Skip zone mostly FL-TX, some OK and KS.

    92.7 - May 29 1912 EDT - Bits of Spanish make it though music station. Skip zone GA to TX

    94.3 - July 13 1942 EDT - Possible ID. Skip zone from FL & NC through to TN & TX.

    99.3 - June 1 1045 and 1051 EDT - Not quite making out phone numbers (same station as 1051). Skip zone is GA to TX.

    99.9 - July 8 1538 & 1554 & 1557 EDT - Three clips from what I suspect (but am not certain) is same station. Skip zone OK AR TX mainly, and I’ve noticed there are two 250-watt Spanish translators in AR.

    101.9 July 10 0913 EDT - Two Spanish stations here. Skip zone is TX OK AR. I’m guessing the one with Mexican music is KMSL Huntington TX. But it’s the second, more dominant station, which seems Christian, that I’m curious about. Possible Radio Retralvaho ID at 14 seconds.

    107.5 - July 13 2010 & 2013 EDT - Spanish, and I’m wondering if this is Miami. Skip zone from FL & NC through to TN & TX.

    Curious, even if no apparent IDable information, what they might be saying.

    With thanks,

    Saul Chernos
    Burnt River ON
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    Saul Chernos
    Burnt River ON

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    87.7: Yes, this is Atlanta. They are a simulcast.

    90.5: Seems like a custom promo/end tag. The voice is Ernesto Pinto, who hosts Encuentro, a syndicated Spanish-language Christian program produced in, of all places, Winnipeg. (No really!) Radio Libertad in Liberal *is* listed.

    91.9 drama: No IDable material

    91.9: "Las novedades musicales, los estrenos... Toda la mejor m?sica". That's generic as it gets.

    92.7: Mentions of a "constante lucha", "seres humanos" and "hermano del alma". Definitely sounds like preaching of some sort.

    94.3: No ID

    99.3: 1-866-373-7486. Topic of discussion is the number of kids in a family. This number seems to be used for the Ra?l Brindis show. KAPW???

    99.9 1538: Mention of Israeli president Reuben Rivlin. 1554/57 are same male speaker but not enough to pick out words.

    101.9: I actually found the exact sermon this is...from an Uruguayan website: It's from TWR, apparently...

    107.5: When it tells you to search for Uforia... The second ad is for "Week for Life" lottery scratchoffs. The Florida Lottery seems to have these. The Texas Lottery, no. So I'd say this is Miami.
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      Thanks for all your comments, Raymie. The 101.9 with TWR programming generates particular curiosity here, and what I'll do with some of these, at least, is to try listening to various streams at the same day of the week and time to see if I can establish parallel voices. Your ability to find an exact sermon, as you did with the 101.9 astounds me...great detective skills! Thank you!
      Saul Chernos
      Burnt River ON


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        Well I wonder now, since WAMR was listed, if the 101.9 isn’t Miami’s W270CV, //1450 WKAT “Radio Luz”:

        It wouldn’t hurt to write R Luz. I have no idea what exact programming is on, but running some TWR wouldn’t be far-fetched.

        BTW here they do have RDS of “W270CV”.

        ✝️ c d


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          Thanks, Chris. A sensible first start. Seems WKAT might now be Vida (unless you are close by and are hearing Luz). Two web sites for the station are kaput, and streams don't work here. Certainly there's little stability there regardless of what is on air. I'm also going to consider KMSL TX just in case they air the occasional Christian program.
          Saul Chernos
          Burnt River ON


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            Okay, this morning Oct 5, 2021 at 1500 UTC I tuned in to W270CV, and indeed it’s still Radio Luz, //1450 WKAT.

            If there’s no stream available, you can tune a Kiwi SDR in FL. Hint, hint: our own NO2CW, who lives not far from me, has a Kiwi, and 1450 should be available in daytime.



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              Thanks, Chris. I'll do that. I'll have a look and see when the day/hour is and try and match that. Appreciate your tip on which SDR to visit.

              Saul Chernos
              Burnt River ON