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FM 88.9 unID Spanish Music

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  • FM 88.9 unID Spanish Music

    Today, Thursday, October 28, 2021 at 3:41 pm EDT on 88.9 I heard Spanish Caribbean type music that sounded Cuban that started at 3:41 pm EDT and continued for about 30 seconds. When I checked the WTFDA FM Database for Cuba, no stations were listed on that frequency. Attached below is the audio clip and the SDRuno SP + WF screenshot. The orange arrow points to the frequency 88.9, the orange rectangle is the length of the clip.
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    Sure sounds like Cuban music; but no other Es was reported at this time on the loggers, and it's off-season... (I was at my Burnt River ON site but not paying attention to FM or TV). Did you have anything else?
    Saul Chernos
    Burnt River ON


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      The song is not Cuban, but Puerto Rican. It is Me Libere' by El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico.

      Considering how many Puerto Ricans live in the Philly and NYC metro areas, it is possible that the station is something closer to home.



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        Saul & Jon:

        No, there was nothing either prior to or afterwards on that frequency.

        The Hispanic-Latino population here is 22.6 % in this city.